Should spray some on a teddy or something and make my dog chew on it or tees him with it. WHAT SHOUL I DO


  1. devilish

    The best way to train your dog to rabbit hunt is to train it with another rabbit dog. There are two styles of rabbit hunting beagle dogs. One chases the rabbits slowly and the other chases it fast. The competition style chases the rabbits slowly, but if you are just wanting to hunt rabbits you’ll probably want a beagle that hunts faster. It may sound a little mean, but you’ll probably want to have a remote controlled shocking collar on your beagle when you take it rabbit hunting. One problem rabbit hunters have with their beagle dogs is chasing deer. Rabbits normally keep to a small circle about the size of a football field. If you notice your dog, going chasing something that is going on a wider area, then you need to shock it to teach it not to run a deer scent.
    Whitetail deer can run in about a 10 mile radius. And if you aren’t careful you could be chasing your rabbit dog all over the country side trying to find it. Running deer is a good way for a rabbit dog to get lost or get killed by running across a roadway and getting hit by a car or something.

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