Is there any easy way to get fleas off of your dog? Can I just put a dog in water except for it’s head and drown the fleas?



  1. Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!

    First let me tell you that I own a pest control company and what I will recommend is the complete treatment that should help you completely get rid of the fleas.
    First, treat the pet with Capstar. This is a pill that you get from the vet that will kill all of the fleas that get on the animal for the first 24 hours. Second, use either Frontline or Advantage, these can also be purchased from the vet. Frontline can be used on pets 12 weeks old or older. Advantage can be used on animals as young as 6 weeks. If the pet is old enough for either product, switch back and forth between the two. One month use one, the next use the other. The reason I recommend this is that there are two main types of fleas that infest pets. One product works better on the first type and the other product works better on the second type. By using both, you make sure you have covered all your bases.
    Once the pet has been treated, you must treat your home and yard. The best products to do this would include not only a killing agent, but also a sterilization agent. Inside, I would use Ultracide, if you can get it. (Many on line sites sell it.) Follow the instructions on the label! Wash all animal’s bedding and vacuum frequently. Throw out the vacuum bag or dump the catch container after every vacuuming. You can never vacuum too much! DO NOT STEAM CLEAN YOUR RUGS! This can hatch flea eggs and make your problem worse.
    Outside I would use Demon WP mixed with Gentrol or Nylar, carefully following label instructions. Treat the entire yard, paying special attention to under bushes and low hanging branches. Most of these products can be bought at any Do-It-Yourself Pest Control company either on line or in a store.
    Treating your house and yard is just as important as treating the pet!
    It is also very important to stay away from the grocery store or box store products like Zodiac or Hartz. Many of these products can cause severe allergic reactions in animals.

  2. michael w

    Go to your local pet shop and buy some “Frontline” Its a liquid which you put on the back of the dogs neck where he cant lick it off. All the fleas will be gone in a week. You will be advised to repeat the dose monthly as he will still pick up the fleas where he originally got them

  3. Amanda

    No, because you need to kill the eggs too, and many of the fleas will hang on, even through a bath.
    Flea treatments, like Front Line and Advantix work really well, are inexpensive, and can be applied at home by following simple directions. Take a trip to your local pet supplies store and pick some up.

  4. renay s

    wash good with flea soap and get you soon front line plus from your vet i have a 105 pound bulldog that’s a inside dog only and with this i have never had any fleas in house or on dog do this ever 3 mos

  5. DaveSFV

    No, you cannot drown the fleas. They will carry a bubble of air around them and last for many many minutes underwater. Wash the dog with a good flea bath and the apply the newer flea preventives such as Frontline or Advantix.

  6. what u talkin' bout?

    The only way to fully get rid of fleas is to go to your vet and get whatever they sell. Be it Advantage, Frontline……whatever brand. It is well worth the money believe me.

  7. animluv

    you need to get flee medication from the pet store and bath your dog… just water by itself will not kill the flees. also you may need to get rid of flees in your house or in your yard to make sure they stay off of your dog. also you can get frontline or advantage flee control to keep the flees off of him. but the bath is the first step, than the medication.

  8. lispyoon

    wash it with flea shampoo.. spray it with flea spray every so often.. and get a flea collar.

  9. sadiejan

    no they don’t drown. your dog should be on a flea preventative such as advantage or frontline.
    get capstar from your vet.
    bath the dog in dawn dish soap & really lather it up. use a flea comb

  10. Jason Voorhees xoxo my love

    Flea bath, collar, and stuff that you pour down the back. It lasts 1 – 2 months. The total cost of that is like 30 to 45 dollars. Hope that this helps you.

  11. Tin Can Sailor

    Spend some money. Go to your vet, online or pet store and get Frontline Plus. I have the three dogs, 9 years, 5 years and 4 1/2 years and none of them has ever had a flea. I started all of them on Frontline as soon as they were old enough. Forget flea collars and shampoo, they only help a bit, from past experience with previous dogs and I have had many.

  12. r c

    Sorry to say but water won’t kill the flea issue. You need to first bathe your dog in a flea shampoo and then I would suggest giving them a dose of Capstar. Capstar is a product that kills fleas immediately. Then you need to get your dog on a flea prevention medication such as Frontline. It is applied monthly to the base of your dogs neck. You need to treat your yard as well. A yard product like Seven can be purchased at your local home improvement store and is safe to people and animals but really does the trick with pests! If the dog is allowed in your house and on your furniture you need to wash your bedding in hot water and bleach. I would suggest setting a bug bomb (fogger) in your house when nobody… or animal is there. Good Luck!

  13. Kim_Hear

    All you have to do is go to the store and looki in the dog section, they have a special bottle of flea bath. buy it, use it, put it on your dog and wash it out. don’t worry, your dog should smell funny after using it

  14. Sue

    No, water alone will not kill fleas. The only water I know of that will help with fleas is ocean water-if you live close to the ocean. You can wash your dog in Dawn dishwashing liquid as it does kill fleas.

    But: I want to point out something being posted here…Frontline no longer works for people in our area. I am a pet rescuer and am in constant contact with others doing rescue work and we all agree…sad as it is…Frontline is failing badly now….no longer works. We are using Capstar and are back to Adams spray.

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