Somehow, we have fleas in our house. We’re not infested, but there is a few biting my little brother. How can we get rid of them safely and quickly?


  1. Dr. Strangelove

    You can buy a flea bomb that will kill them. You simply close your home and turn off the AC, then set off these bombs and leave for a specified time (a couple of hours as I remember). When you return the fleas are all dead.

  2. jean ann j

    Pin sol in mopping water for mopping.
    Baking soda and salt in carpet for several hours before vacuuming.
    If you do not want salt in your vacuum, put Gold Bond Foot powder, or the store brand in the carpet for a few hours.

  3. Charlie

    Dawn Dish soap in silver metal pie pans with hot water and placed on the floor at night every night until the water in the pans show no more fleas works.

    Also there is a product from Enforcer that is a spray out of a can, powder, or even liquid out of a pump canister that all work. It kills fleas up to 180 which is 6 months. This stuff works great. Can be sprayed on the bedding as well, and it will not hurt the animals.

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