We just got a new puppy, she is a seven month old bichon. she is house trained but does not know her name or any basic commands. I would like to be able to train her without having to go to a doggy class.


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  2. jellybea

    Buy some dog treats and start to give her commands (I would start with “sit”). As your giving the command hold the treat up where she can see it. Most likely, she won’t sit the first time you tell her to. Say it clearly about 3 times. If she still doesn’t sit (which she probably won’t) push her butt down gently until she gets the clue and sits. Stand up with the treat if she stays sitting, say “good girl” in a soft, friendly voice and give her the treat. If she doesn’t stay sitting when you start to stand up, keep pushing her butt down until it stays down. You might want to say “sit” again every time before you push her butt down. Well, that’s a start.

  3. marci knows best

    You can read books and watch videos, but nothing is nearly as good as a training class taught by a professional trainer. It will help socialize your puppy as well as tell you if you are making a mistake – something no video will ever do. The cost of a good training class is worth every penny your will spend.
    If you are on a budget, check with local shelters, many offer good training classes are reasonable prices.

  4. Nancy U

    You just have to be consistant, but patient, with the dog. A dog will learn it’s name and basic commands over time, if it is something it is used to hearing. My dog will answer to several names. His name is Bojangles, he will answer to Bo, Bobo, Jangles, or he will come running if he hears a spoon tapping on a dish. It shouldn’t take long for your dog to answer to simple commands.

  5. moninth

    just look online for tips and tricks for training dogs. there are also a lot of great videos on youtube that will help. training at home is a great place to train a dog because it is the main place where your dog will learn commands. training classes are basically there to teach you how to teach your dog a command and socialize them. being persistent and consistent at home with the dogs training will be how it learns and obeys commands. regardless what you learn in class you will still have to practice them at home. check out dog training tips by expertvillage and the amazingdogtrainer. they are some of the better ones I have seen.

  6. Erika ♥♥ Labradorable ♥♥

    You can google obedience commands and get the instructions. Also you may find a training book by visiting to your local library.
    Consistency and patience is the key

  7. Love my Meyer

    You can get a book on training or a DVD or look online for training. below is a website that I like.

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