I just noticed fleas on my 4 month old kitten. He doesn’t seem to be infested with it, but everytime I look at his fur, I notice at least a few of them. I’m going to purchase advantage from my vet, but I’m just wondering how common is this in kittens. He never goes outside so I’m not sure how this happened.
My other question is, I purhcased a flea comb but when he sees me using the comb on him, he doesn’t understand what it is and tries to get it out of my hand and play with it. I try not to let him see me use it on him, because he gets so squirmy, but I have to use it on his stomach and neck, and he always ends up seeing it. Any suggestions?


  1. tragedys

    Okay here is your answer when it comes to fleas.
    you will only see 2 % of the entire population of fleas.
    the other 98 % is in your house.
    Fleas are photphobic, so they hate light. They will burrow into your sofa cushions, carpets etc, leaving eggs and flea maggots to reproduce and create a massive infestation..
    you may not see them jump on you or bite you because fleas like to feed for about 2 hours and we would notice them before that.
    Get some frontline/ revolution- something from your vet to treat the fleas.
    Flea shampoos DO NOT WORK
    Flea collars DO NOT WORK
    and please do not use something over the counter like the hartz- those products are not even tested on cats and have caused some major problems including severe skin infections, skin slippage and death
    Get the problem under control now- or it will be harder and more costly in the future.
    Such as- tape worm treatments for your cat ( cats get tapeworms from eating fleas)
    Treatment for flea anemia
    costly treatment of your home for flea infestations.
    Nip it in the bug with frontline./ revolution and a good cleanin in your home- vacuum EVERYTHING and throw away the bag- fleas will hatch inside your bag otherwise.
    good luck!

  2. CAT

    goto the vet and get frontline plus if you dont get ahold of it now they will keep on multiplying !! 4 will be 20 then 20 will be 100 then your home will have to be sprayed fleas lay like 100 eggs and hatch every 7 days spand 15.00 now or 50.00 next month ?You can get it on ebay cheaper BUT takes longer tro get here
    and if you get the drops never do a shampoo after if will make the drops no good anymore !!

  3. michael d

    Anytime A pregnate flea lays eggs on them .you can bath them in baby shmpoo and luke warm water .

  4. wholesale swarovski crystals

    Fleas, ear mites and worms are almost standard ‘equipment’ with kittens. They get it from their mother. And in some areas, fleas are almost anywhere, and they could come in with you on your clothes. After he has been treated, you may want to ‘bomb’ your house to get rid of any fleas and/or eggs.
    Good for you with the flea comb. Sure, right now it is a toy to be swatted at. But it will get him used to being combed and brushed, if you get a brush, and that will pay dividends as he grows. He may take from six months to a year before he stops treating the flea comb as a toy to be swatted at.

  5. honeyswi

    Some climates just seem more prone to fleas than colder climates…I have two indoor kitties and never have seen a flea on them but it’s not warm year round where I live….definitely the flea product you are getting will be great, if you don’t eliminate them now it’s going to get worse.
    As for trying to comb him, he’s a kitten they are basically attracted to any moving object so there isn’t much you can do other than try to comb as much as you can before he attacks the comb.

  6. Jennie N

    try putting a little peanut butter in her mouth when you need to comb her tummy. it will distract her, if you need something better put it on her front paws, this might be a little dirtier.

  7. charlie B

    Keep taking them off as they can cause enemia and potentially kill the kitten.
    It is common at that age.
    Go to the pharmacy and buy a headlice comb, ( speak loudly when you explain it is for your CAT) .
    These I have found are the best.
    My cats are adults and still play with the comb.
    They LOVE grooming.

  8. Eyeliner Girl

    Do you have open windows? Do you live in an apartment building with other pets? Both of those are ways that you could get fleas in your residence that could get on your cats. Especially in the summer.
    I have to hold my cat in place to brush her. She wiggles if I don’t.

  9. Maria D

    Basically, anyone or thing in the house can be bringing in the fleas or their eggs. The egg of a cat flea will only hatch is there is a cat or kitten nearby, as they don’t hatch unless there is a source of food.
    Given her age, the vet might not be able to use Advantage or Frontline. She might be too young or too small. I know that Stronghold can be used for tiny kittens, and it’s also effective against worms. You’re right to go to your vet though, as OTC remedies don;t work at best and, at worst, can be harmful to your animal.
    Regarding the comb, we use a shedding comb on our cats regularly and 2 of them always play with it. The secret is to either let them play until they’re bored, or to do it when they’re sleepy and don’t want to play.

  10. iammai

    It must be fairly common for kittens to get fleas even if they are very young and are indoor. How old was he when you got him? Perhaps he got a few from the litter he was in. When we obtained our kitten, he was about a month old and he would have very, very few fleas running throughout his fur. I might recommend giving your kitten something to occupy himself with while you comb through his fur. Or perhaps doing it while he’s eating. I don’t typically comb my cat in search for fleas, I usually only do that whenever I see one. Kinda saves the trouble (We also use an OTC flea medication on him). But you might also want to gently hold him at his neck to keep him from grabbing at the comb.

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