I really need to get ticks and fleas off my cat! He keeps meowing and I can’t touch him because my mom says the fleas and/or ticks will cause lime disease. So, for past owners that had cats with this problem, what did you do? What medicine worked the best for you and your cat? Thanks in advance


  1. Impavids

    Frontline or Advantage topical liquid.
    You can go to your local Vet’s office to get it, or order it online at PetCareRx.com
    Once a month application is all you need, and it kills the fleas/ticks and prevents tapeworm.
    Good luck!

  2. Boxer Lover

    Let me share a story with you! One of my stray cats that I had taken into the house had a real love for being outside. If you wern’t there to put him out, he would let himself out by clawing a hole in the screens and freeing himself and my household. It got costy fixing screens so I gave him to a friend of mine a mile down the road. About a week and a half later I heard jingle jingle (he had a collar with a bell on it) while I was outside and I looked up to see him running towards the house in the field. I couldn’t believe he found his way back to me. As he runs up on the porch I quickly noticed he brought alot of friends with him (ticks and fleas). Before letting him back in the house I rubbed him up completely with seven dust. That took care of it! Cheap and effective and not to mention safe. I spent the rest of the fall with the windows closed and then winter came and he was diagnosed with cancer. We lost him! He may have started homeless but died within one. R.I.P. Willy

  3. Lauren M

    For heavy flea infestations I like Advantage the best.
    If ticks are a problem, Frontline or Revolution is good. All of these should be purchased from your vet. They are drops that you apply to the skin at the back of the neck just once a month.
    You can remove the ticks just by using a tissue to grab the tick and pull it off. As long as you don’t get the fluid from the tick on you, you will be fine. Just wrap the tick up in the tissue and throw it away. Don’t worry about getting the head/moutparts out of the cat, that’s not true that it will cause problems if left behind.
    To quickly get rid of a lot of fleas, there is a product called CapStar that your vet can give you that is a pill. It gets rid of all the fleas very quickly, but only lasts 24 hours.

  4. doodlebu

    Well first and foremost dont get anything from the grocery store, if you are wanting something effective for fleas and ticks, I would go with frontline for cats. Be very careful not to get anything that isnt labeled for cats because they are very sensitive to flea meds not formulated for them. You need to apply it monthly to kill and repell ticks and fleas. Advantage just does fleas, and advantix for fleas and ticks will kill a cat. So stick with frontline and avoid flea collars and flea/tick drops from the store. Also, as for lyme disease, you cant get lyme disease from your cat, you would have to be bitten by a tick carrying the bacteria, and the only tick that infects humans with lyme disease is the deer tick and western black legged ticks, most likely not the type of tick on your cat.

  5. Wallflow

    everyone will tell you this anyway but i will tell you why.
    take your cat to the vet. don’t buy the stuff from walmart. the cheap stuff is cheap for a reason – it doesn’t have the same chemicals in it and it’s not nearly as safe on your cat.
    the best thing to do is take him to a vet or even a groomer and get him dipped in flea/tick dip, and possibly bathed with a medicated shampoo. that will kill anything on him. or, if you want, you can take him to a vet and ask for the pill that will kill anything on him immediately through the bloodstream if you don’t want to bring home a damp kitty.
    finally, if it’s an indoor cat, you probably have fleas and ticks all over your house, and if you really want them gone and to stay gone, you’ll have to have your house sprayed, and then sprayed again in 2 weeks to get the new ones hatching out. then just get a frontline program going or something like advantage to use at home every few weeks to kill any new ones.

  6. galapago

    Use Frontline to remove the fleas. You or a vet should be removing the ticks from the cat. Unless the tick bites you you should not be in danger of getting lyme disease. I would recommend a vet visit as your cat probably has worms from the fleas anyway.
    I have used both frontline and advantage in the past. Both have worked very well. Just don’t use OTC flea products like hartz, sergents, or zodiac. It’s unsafe and doesn’t work.

  7. *sigh*

    Alls you have to do is pull off the tick with a pair of tweezers. You have to make sure to get out the head tho or it could cause an infection. My small animal care teacher said to put vanilla on ticks and that makes them ‘unbury’ their heads so you can get to them easier.

  8. Chalice

    Frontline treats fleas and ticks, get some. Ticks can transmit Lyme’s disease, but it’s unlikely you’ll get it. Just put the Frontline on – the spot-on will kill all fleas and ticks within 24 hours, the spray works more immediately but is harder to get the correct dose.
    Don’t use anything from a pet store because none of this stuff works, pet stores aren’t licensed to sell the correct stuff, and much of it is harmful for cats.

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