I’m afraid to give her a flea bath because I know she’ll tear me up with her claws and she’s big.
What’s the best way to get rid of fleas on my cat?



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    I’ve had the VERY BEST results (and this was for 2 flea infestations with a totally INDOOR cat) with Frontline Plus for cats. You can get this at most pet supply stores or at your vets office. There’s usually a benefit in getting it at the vets office because most of them will sell you an individual application rather than the entire 3 application pack. Pet groomers also carry the product and will sell you the single applications. This product will basically rid your entire home of any fleas because they are drawn to your cat, but once they bite–that will be the last bite of your cat they have. It also kills any eggs & larvae + that may be left by the fleas. The PLUS part is because this also kills tics, if you live in an area where she is likely to pick them up. I do—I have lots of deer around, and deer = deer tics which causes lyme disease. If you live in a larger city where there are no deer, then the regular Frontline for cats should be fine. Price-wise, I think they are the same, but you don’t want any more chemicals than absolutely necessary going into your cats system. Just apply in the neck area, going down the back right between the shoulder blades. Your cat cannot reach this place on her body, so there’s no chance that she will be poisoned by licking it off. Good luck in de-fleaing her.

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    Get some of that one-spot stuff that you put on the scruff of the cat’s neck, where it can’t lick it off. That will kill all the flea eggs wherever your cat sleeps. For the long term, put a pinch of brewer’s yeast in your cat’s wet catfood twice a day. For some reason, that will make your cat unappealing to fleas, but it takes a few weeks to kick in.

  3. brutusmo

    Two ways………….
    1. Go to the vet and get a capsule called Capstar…it’ll kill the fleas that are on her within 10 minutes.
    2..While there, get some of the new flea product, called “ProMeris” for cats, and put it on her back, between her shoulder blades.
    Those two things will kill the fleas on her, and prevent any others that get on her to lay eggs. The ProMeris also kills any flea larva that hasn’t reached adulthood, yet.
    HOWEVER, if you do NOT deflea your home / yard, the fleas that are in the rug or carpet / grass, will continue to reproduce and you’ll just have fleas all over AGAIN!
    These two products WORK, but you still have to “doctor” the premisis, and repeat the ProMeris after 30 days.
    Hope this helps………..Good luck!

  4. tab g

    well if you pinch her behind her neck just right it will paralize her(while your holding it). and you can wash her that way. or you can buy flea spary and just get it on her real good,but dont soap her. i know when my cat had flea’s i took her to the vet and he gace me a sample of flea spay it was awsome and worked real good.your’s sjpuld dp the same

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    take her to the vet and get them to give her the pill that kills the fleas. it only takes 10 minutes.

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