I have a puppy around 8 months or so. We gave her a flea bath last night. While that got rid of most the fleas she still has some on her snout. I was told not to wash her face obviously. The are right on her nose. I am not sure how to get them off. Help, thanks.


  1. ❤PomMom❤ Spay & Neuter

    It’s going to take more than a flea bath. The fleas are now in your carpeting, the dogs bedding, cracks in the flooring and furniture and if you don’t get rid of the fleas all around your house, they will just come back to re-infest your dog.
    Start with Frontline or Advantage from your vet. You are going to have to treat your home with insecticide, too.

  2. Rosalie

    Provided she is dry, pat her nose and snout with a backwards loop of duct tape or masking tape – the fleas will stick on the tape.
    DO not use flea shampoo on any dog – it contains unnecessary pesticides and is dangerous to the dog. You can use plain Dawn dish detergent, and that will get them off and kill them without hurting hurt. Just don’t get it in her eyes.
    If she has fleas that badly. they’re in the house as well. Get your self a couple of Zodiac flea bombs, and follow the directions carefully.
    And get her a package of Frontline – which you will need every month.

  3. tom4bucs

    you did not say whether indoor or outdoor dog
    if indoor – you will need to flea bomb the house – and then in two weeks
    bomb again
    here’s a secret – any foaming shampoo is a flea shampoo
    what REALLY kills the fleas – is the suds – in 5 minutes it drowns them
    and they cannot breathe – so enjoy puppy and play for at least 5 mins after foaming up
    and remember when you bomb – all living things OUT of the house!
    in setting them off – shake them all first then put on newspaper – start with furthest away from the exit door – point away from you when you kick em off – point spray away when you put them down –
    Enjoy 2 hours of shopping (my wife loves this part)
    all the best

  4. whitesmoke software

    Just get a pair of tweezers & squeeze each one until they pop & pull them off.
    If you do go get any anti flea stuff watch for the age of usage. how old does the pup have to be before you can use it on her. Some of the poisons are real strong & can harm her.

  5. ?

    Besides the flea bath, start using frontline, or a similar product, and clean all the bedding wherever she sleeps. This should help. If not you may have to flea bomb your home.

  6. ms manners

    When I gave my dogs flea baths, I always started with the head, so the fleas would not go that direction.
    Try a flea comb.

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