I just got a Yorkie and he has fleas. I tried a flea collar but it’s obviously not working. I’m not sure what kind of shampoo to get. I’ve never seen the fleas in my apartment but I’m convinced they’re everywhere and I want them gone. Any suggestions?


  1. ♥ Beardies

    Step One: Treat the dog. Use a high quality topical medication like Frontline or Advantage. They are expensive, but also far more effective.
    Step Two: Treat your home. Wash all the bedding, even the dog’s, in hot water. Vacuum thoroughly and throw out the bag. You can flea bomb the house, or spray flea spray on every soft surface.
    Step Three: Treat your yard. If you have plants or sod on your porch, you need to treat that with a flea spray for lawn and garden.

  2. USMCwife

    I had that same problem a few months back. The first thing you need to do is treat your home, and if you have carpet the vaccum cleaner is a flea’s worst enemy, but make sure you empty the bag away from your house. Also, salt really works. You can sprinkle it on your carpet and then vaccum and also I even bathed my dog in warm salty water, I don’t know what it does, but somehow it works. I recently bought a Rainbow vaccum cleaner and I’ve not had fleas in my house since because with it they go into water and die instantly. If you have an attatchment on your vaccum or even if all you have is a handheld you can vaccum your dog. Hope this helps.

  3. Porcelain Doll

    Raid does a can of flea spray (tall purple can) it’s about $6.00. It works wonders, put on a pair of white socks and walk around. keep an eye on your feet, you should see them on your socks in the area that they are the most. Then use the spray in that area, it will tell you on the can how to use it. Hartz does a shampoo that works fine, you can get that at Pet Smart or local Wal-Mart. The only good use for a flea collar is to cut it up, and put it inside your vacuum bag. Ask your vet what they offer as far as other treatment.

  4. Sam W

    Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid an eventual run-in with fleas, the most common dog parasites. Even with regular bathing and grooming, the tireless critters can find their way to the tender flesh of unsuspecting dogs (and dog owners). The bloodsuckers not only don’t pay rent, they cause itching and can transmit diseases to their hosts.
    here’s more info:http://dogtime.com/flea-control.html
    hope this helps.

  5. mokster

    treat the source which is your dog. use frontline don’t bathe the dog for 3 days and then apply frontline reason it works with the oil of the dog once applied wait 3 days and then bathe if u want.. bomb your house if you want..flea collars are full of pesticides use that money to buy a pizza. buy a outdoor flea spray and spray near your doors and if you have a mat. sometimes cats sleep on there and leave fleas.

  6. Tinkerbe

    I use Frontline Plus. It is a monthly application that you put right on their back and it supposed to last for a month. It is to protect them from fleas. With your house you could bomb when you have time to get out of the house, you could use carpet floor powder, and vaccumm A LOT! It takes time, but be careful to read what ingredients you bring into your house. Also if fleas are an issue, you should have her checked for worms! Worms come with fleas! Good Luck!

  7. JoAnn S

    I would suggest to take your dog to a groomer to have the fleas removed and when your dog is out of the house, have a professional exterminator come in and spray for fleas.
    I have had this problem and that is the only what I was able to totally get rid of those pesty critters!

  8. tabby_bl

    There is a power that you apply to carpet then vacuum it up. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will kill the fleas and capture the eggs. Clean the filter out after you vacuum. I would also use Frontline for your dog.

  9. Chloe B

    well, my dog had about 1,000 fleas on her while around the house. not kidding. Well we had to get flea bombs and we use flea medicine.that seemed to do it.

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