My cat is strictly an indoor cat and I currently give her frontline flea medicine. my neighbor has two dogs that are outside much of the time. She’s been getting lots of fleas that jump on her and die. I never find any that are alive but the flea dirt builds up very quickly and I think it may be upsetting her tummy. Anybody else have this issue and dealt with it before?


  1. kg22

    if your cat is indoors & getting frontline there should be no fleas. are you letting these dogs in your own house? otherwise being an indoor only cat she should never get them. if your only finding dead fleas that means the frontline is working, so just keep any other animals out of your house & you shouldn’t have a problem.

  2. equal_op

    i just spent $200 and a whole day de-flea-ing my cats and house. Even if the cat doesn’t have fleas any more, your home does. You need to vacuum thoroughly, then use either (or both) flea spray or flea carpet powder. Wash all blankets and pillows and other fabrics where the cat lays or sits. And keep using either Frontline or Advantage every month. If kitty has worms, you’ll have to deal with those too.
    NOTE: My cats are indoor cats, too. But they like to sit in the window sills. Fleas from outside can enter that way. Spray some flea spray on the screens and sills, too.
    And Frontline and Advantage DO work. They kill about 99% of the fleas on you cat within 12 hours. The only reason my cats got fleas was my daughter had a sleepover and her friends brought blankets from houses that had outdoor cats…ergo, the fleas came to the party, too! New house rule: no one brings blankets or pillows over any more!

  3. Ski Freedom

    Keep the dogs away from your cat.
    Don’t let the dogs in your home.
    Have a pest spray service spray the
    interior of your home to kill the fleas.

  4. john c

    frontline is total bull, it kills off only the weak fleas thus stregethning the colony becase of killing off the fleas. however, it seems too late you for at the moment. here are methods ot get rid of the fleas on your cat, around the house, and on you. Here are some methods (forgive the rudness, i copy and pasted it from another website, he’s smart but rude)
    The problem here is not the method, its the continuity. Check it: Whenever you shampoo your cats, not only do you suffer from gaping scratches and pin pricks, but also from Darwin’s laws of evolution. survival of the fittest deems that it IS POSSIBLE for one or two fleas to survive the bath AND flea shampoo. Once those fleas are reintroduced into the community living in your carpet, they mate. Now, if NONE of the fleas survived, which I find hard to believe, you still need to take the cats out of the element of mating: The entire house. The fleas and their eggs are on EVERY piece of fabric in your home, not just the carpet. Bombing doesn’t always help this. In fact, it didn’t help at all with my cats. So here is what you do:
    1: Put Baking Soda underneath all of your furniture. It suffocates them without affecting anything else and you can leave it under the couch for as long as you like without fear of bleaching or the animals getting sick from it. If the cats do swallow it, the worst that will happen is that they will foam at the mouth and throw up a little. For examples of this, swallow baking soda yourself and send me the video. XD
    2: Shave your cats. It can’t be avoided if you want to be free of fleas forever. Unfortunately, you will need to pay for them to be knocked out so that they can be shaved . . . Unless of course you are a masochist and enjoy infectious peritonitis. If you are a douche bean and dont want to shave your cats, take them to a Petsmart and have them get a flea dip there. It will be like 35 – 50 dollars per cat. Shaving is cheaper. Oh, and if you shave your cats, blonde high school ganguro girls will like them better. No joke. I have a friend on the swim team.
    3: Wash EVERYTHING that you can fit in the washing machine. Clothes, bed sheets, comforters, everything. Anything that can not be washed in HOT water, needs to be soaked in cold water. This isn’t that big a step because as long as your are clean and your cats are bald/flea dipped with a collar (Advantage and Frontline are bullshit cures that dont work and only kill off the weak fleas, making the colony stronger by eliminating the poor mates, and the company knew this when they produced the chemical; how else would they increase sales? Think people, think.)
    4: If you find that the fleas are biting you, you are going to think I’m a ******* R-tard when I say this, but, have as much sex as possible. There I said it. Not sex with yourself, sex with another person, preferably the opposite gender. The pheromones and glandular secretions that are apparent during intercourse are loathed by MOST insects (excluding bees and ants), not because they don’t like the smell, but because they are naturally repelled by pheromones that are not of their species. Also, if you are ugly, nothing will want to come near you mid-coitus, so film a feckfest why don’t you?
    5: If you find that you need to bomb your house, you need to do it THOROUGHLY. Open all cabinets and expose all fabric areas. And, for the love of God, if you decide to do it yourself, dont leave the animals there, dont return until HOURS later (not the pittance that the box suggests), and use like 10 of the ******* things. Two or three will not do it. DO NOT VACUUM IMMEDIATELY AFTER BOMBING. In fact, wait a week.
    6: If all of this fails, try any of the methods in the posts above, but not before. Seriously, just shave your ******* cats. I know they will look cold and ****, but it needs to be done. They should be indoor cats for that period of time. . . if you are, in fact, serious about getting rid of this problem. if you want to keep the fleas, well, go **** yourself and be an etymologist, you ******* insect lover. Get away from my society and be a turbo hermit.

  5. In God We Trust

    You should contact your veterinarian and ask his professional advice. Then you will probably have to take the cat in for an examination. The veterinarian will recommend the appropriate treatment to expel those “fleas.” Peace, Love and God Bless.

  6. anti-virus

    it makes me laugh when so many people say..”frontline your cat/dog..go to the vet”…i personally think its a waste, i have been a successful user of garlic on my dogs (and when i was a cat owner 10years back)fleas hate the smell so for 68p(or however much garlic costs in your supermarket)..get a clove snap in half and rub all over the cat , you are safe to do this on a daily basis , also feed 1 garlic tablet(health stores etc) in his dinner and that will help kill any infestation from the inside..the way you have to look at it is would you want to pay 17-18 pound for stuff from the vets or 68p for garlic which is not harmful nd is a herbal way of treting your animal for fleas xx

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    Frontline used to work on my cats. However,it has stopped working. my vet told me fleas are becoming resistant to my homes preferred treatment (frontline) and i needed to switch (advantix). I noticed a difference immediately.(ie. if you use fronline you may need to switch to advantix, and vice versa) Also my vet told me that fleas are worse this year than she has ever seen. Boric acid, if you can find it is non toxic and good to use in treatin the environment your kitties live in

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