I want to get my dog in shutzhund training for protection but do not know how or where i live in CA Temecula


  1. Kip's Mom *** ***

    You need to find a club and have your dog assessed for the correct temperament first. If it passes that test, then you can start training. Google “shutzhund” and cities in your area to find a club.

  2. Ingrid H

    Maybe you should be looking for a personal protection dog trainer rather than schutzhund training since you only seem to be interested in the protection component of schutzhund. There are two more components in schutzhund competition- obedience and tracking. As far as I know, obedience and tracking are given equal weight in point scoring as is protection. Protection just gets more attention in the public eye because it is so flashy.

  3. miaugh

    It’s a sport, an activity, it’s not for protection.
    If you want to do it with your dog to become involved in the sport, look here: http://www.germanshepherddog.com/http://www.wildhauskennels.com/articles/…
    “Schutzhund Dog = Protection Dog?
    The term schutzhund means “protection dog” in German, and the fact that schutzhund training involves bite work leads to the common misconception that a schutzhund dog is a protection dog. In truth, schutzhund is first and foremost a sport and breedworthiness test for working dogs. It is not meant to be personal protection dog training. Schutzhund can lay excellent groundwork for dogs to be later utilized as security, military, police and protection dogs, but additional training is needed to turn a schutzhund dog into a real protection dog. Unfortunately, the general public is uneducated about working dog sport.”

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