I have fleas all over my house but at the rate i get frees at my house it would cost me way to to by anti-bugs stuff. Also i have very very young kittens. So if I did have enough money to buy it the chemicles would harm that kittens. So any ideas? Also this must be somthing that dosent harm animals.


  1. Lisa S

    Revolution. Go get some from the vet, and split it between the kittens – they make kitten size revolution. It’s expensive but it gets rid of the fleas for sure. And it is not dangerous at all.

  2. Emerald

    A simple and fairly cheap why to help control fleas is to place a small bowl of water to which a few drops if liquid dish soap has been added under a night light that is close to ground level. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water which ends up drowning the fleas who land in it when jumping for the light.
    I use this method in the area where my pets are kept and use poisons where they don’t go. The more dishes and lights you have scattered around the quicker it works but don’t expect to see drastic results right away. it takes a few days to really make a difference.
    I found that a small bright light and a large shallow dish works best. If you go a few days and don’t find any dead fleas in the water; try adding a little more soap. If the surface tension isn’t completely broken the fleas can jump back out.

  3. sweet_fa

    I has really bad fleas in my home once to and young cats the only way i got rid ofmine was bathing my cats with stuff to kill fleas and a flea bomb

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