I cant seem to get rid of fleas on me and in my house. I have tried all the home remedies and I even have showered, I get eaten up like a homeless man with a hamburger. Does anyone know how I can get the fleas to stop eating me?


  1. DragonLa

    Our house was infested with flees once – tried everything (even the super stinky smoke bombs), but nothing worked. Then my grandmother suggested spreading table salt around – everywhere, on anything that was covered in material (from the curtains to the carpet and everything in between). We left it for 24 hours then vacuumed it up. The salt apparently killed the larve, pupae &/or eggs. I’m not sure, but somehow it seemed to also take care of the adult flees that loved biting on me (but no one else in the family).

  2. natalie

    hire a fumigator/pest exterminator to come to your house and kill them professionally then make sure you keep up to date with treating your pets with flea treatment. dont use the cheapest stuff because it doesnt work you ned to get a good treatment from the vets

  3. Quincy

    There’s a product that my friend used and it work like gang busters. It’s called Bio Spot Room Fogger. It’s inexpensive and might just solve the problem.

  4. GeenaG

    LOL!!! “I get eaten up like a homeless man with a hamburger.” Pretty funny!
    I suggest trying Dragon Lady’s table salt remedy.

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