I gave a bath to my 2 month old kitten with flea removal shampoo but there are still fleas felt. So I went to the store to get a flea collar but all the fleas have moved to the facial area. How can I get rid (EXTERMINATE!!) of the fleas?


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    Take the flea collar off the kitten. They can be very dangerous for them!
    I would use a pair of tweezers to pick the fleas from the face. When you get a flea dunk it in a mug of very hot water to die.
    At two months of age the kitten can have Advantage or Frontline which is absolutely the best way to get rid of fleas. The vet will give you the proper dosage to get started. It may be less expensive in future to get the stuff online and start with the vet to make sure you understand how much the kitten should have on him/her.

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    At 2 months your kitten is now old enough to use Frontline or Advantage flea preventatives, and please apply one of them immediately. Flea collars are ineffectual and dangerous (cats can hang themselves from the collar, and will often chew on them if they can, which will poison them).
    Use the Frontline every 2-6 weeks as directed, and you will find in a few months that there are no fleas in your home, yard, or on your cat.

  3. 'lil peanut

    you have to wash the cats face. use regular soap and water lots of water be careful around the eyes so no soap gets in. put vasaline or something on the face and leave it on to drown the fleas then wash again. good luck if it doesn’t work you may have to take the cat to the vet for a flea dip

  4. sharon w

    Since you are dealing with a kitten—take that flea collar off of her NOW! Call your vet about this and see what they recommend. Do NOT use ANYTHING made for adult cats on a kitten, you could kill your kitty—also do NOT use ANYTHING over-the-counter on ANY CAT. If you can see the fleas around her face, then she has them all over her body (she’s just too furry for you to see them, but they’re there). Your vet may have a KITTEN flea soap, or even a treatment such as Frontline or Advantage–MADE FOR KITTENS. Do NOT use the adult kind on her! Best of luck in getting this under control, and you will. Last year I had a total infestation of fleas on my (adult) strictly INDOOR cat. How this happened is anybody’s guess, but just one application of Frontline Plus did the job—but, you CANNOT use this product on a kitten. Just follow your vets instructions.

  5. P*Kitty

    you have to get the flea collar off IMMEDIATELY….they are poison especially if it is a Hartz brand…the cat is too young for ANY type of flea care…my cat almost died due to a flea collar…keep bathing until there are no more fleas that is all you have to do and make sure that you get all the flea eggs too

  6. Wildbane

    Most important, get the flea collar off the cat and get something from your vet to treat the kitten topically. Over-the-counter drugs do not have the same dose and ingredients as the stuff that vets can sell. Second, fleas only live about 10% of the time on the pet, so you need to also rid the source. Bedding and baskets that the kitten sleeps in should be discarded. Washing in bleach or hot water will not kill all the flea eggs. Reinfestation is high if you do not clean out the source. If the kitten is indoor/outdoor you will have to treat with something like Advantage Multi every 30 days for all summer. If your kitten is indoor only, get 2 doses from your vet (Advantage Multi/Frontline/Revolution – whatever your vet feels is most appropriate, I use Advantage Multi) treat your kitten with the correct size dose, and then repeat in 30 days to kill any adults that have survived in the house. Also, vaccuum the area really well, and then empty your vaccuum right away to an outside garbage. Fleas are persistant and you want to reduce the amount of live adults to reduce the amount of eggs that can be laid again. Talk to your vet, they will have effective premise sprays and more advice. Good Luck and if you have any other dogs or cats in the house, treat them also at the same time as the kitten or this will keep happening.

  7. Chalice

    Flea collars are useless, so are shampoos I’m afraid! Collars onnly get rid of the fleas that actually touch them, and sadly fleas are clever enough to stay away, as you’ve discovered.
    You need to go to a vet to get some proper treatment. You can use Frontline – at two months old you can use the spot-on (drops on back of the neck) – this stuff spreads all over the skin and all fleas on the animal will be dead within 24 hours. If you want them gone quicker, use Frontline spray – it’s messier and more unpleasant for the cat, but the fleas will be dead within a few hours.
    Don’t bother anymore with shop-bought products – you’ve just discovered what a waste of time and money they are!

  8. Sammy

    Flea shampoos and collars DON’T WORK go to Pets mart and go to there Pharmacy ask them for a flea removal medicine its about 13 Bucks butt its worth it we gave that to our kitten and the fleas went away !!!

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