I have vacuumed and bombed and still have fleas in my house. I don’t have any pets. What can be done to get rid of these bugs. They are driving me crazy and my son, as well.


  1. Fizzle

    You aren’t using the right kind of bombs. Insecticides kill the adult and larval fleas, but eggs are unaffected. You need to get bombs or spray that have insect growth regulator (IGR). This coats the surfaces in your home and the larvae ingest it as they eat the dirt they live on (dried blood particles, skin flakes). It prevents them from maturing and they die as juveniles, preventing them from laying eggs and continuing the cycle. A treatment is good for from 4 to 6 months. I was plagued with bites for months, and one right-kind-of-bomb treatment got rid of them.

  2. sabrina

    if you’re willing to withstand the smell, use mothballs. my aunt used them in her house because she keeps 2 dogs inside and it got rid of them quick.

  3. nessaplz

    hmm are you sure that there fleas? They might be something else. you might need to get a professional fumigator in your home

  4. cmac

    I have had fleas come into the house when I haven’t had pets. You can get flea bombs from the supermarket or hardware store. They are not that expensive and easy to use.

  5. Elaine M

    Vacuuming kills 98% of fleas it sucks up, so keep doing that.
    Fleas have to eat something–are you in an apartment and possibly the infestation is coming from one of the other apartments? Are you sure it’s fleas? They look like sesame seeds or flax seeds, very thin bodied. If the bodies are rounder, they could be bed bugs, which have been in the news a lot lately as the population on those is suddenly exploding. You’d find them in the crinkles of the seets on the bed though, not the carpet.

  6. joniboni

    The reason the fleas keeping coming back after you treat is that your environment is infested with the pupal phase (like a cocoon) of the flea. This phase can last over a year, and hundreds of them can hatch in waves when the temperature and humidity conditions get just right. If the fleas get a blood meal from you or a pet, they can lay 500 eggs and the cycle starts all over again. Flea busters desiccates the larval stage but can’t completely kill the pupae. The trick is to come in with environmental treatment at regular intervals for at least a year (and often more like 18-24 months with heavy infestation) to break the cycle. Talk to flea busters about regular retreatments, or use a premise spray that has an adulticide and a larval growth inhibitor and treat at regular intervals.
    If you log onto http://www.centralsan.org (Contra Costa Central Sanitary District, the sewage folks), you will find a menu for non-toxic pest controls for alternatives for gardens and homes. Click on the one for flea control.
    The bites you are getting may not necessarily be from fleas. Animal mites, such that as of roof rats which are infesting the Bay Area and beyond, cause extremely itchy bites, particularly around the areas where your clothing touch your skin… panty lines, bra lines, etc….These mites also selectively pick hosts when the rats are gone, so not all family members get the bites. Hopefully, you have fleas.
    I really sympathize with you and hope this helps.

  7. Robin G

    Even if you bomb and vacuum inside. If you don’t get rid of them on the outside. They will continue to come inside. There is a spray you can use for your yard. Spary the outside first. Then bomb again on the inside.

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