My two dogs and cat has fleas horribly! How do I get rid of all of them, for good?! It’s so sad, seeing my dog with his red skin from scratching, and my puppy crying and barking at her fleas! I gave the dogs flea baths and sprayed the house with a flea killer, but I can’t get rid of them on my cat (Who’s like, 6 months), and they keep coming back!



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    Only thing that absolutely works is name brand topical liquid on them EVERY SINGLE MONTH, without fail. Use Frontline on the cats and Advantix on the dogs — problem solved.
    I have 6 dogs and 3 cats – never have fleas or ticks and we live in the rural south where fleas never die.
    Worth every penny to buy good preventative that works.
    If they are very infested, go to vet and get Capstar, it’s a pill you give your dogs, gets rid of all fleas within an hour, then bathe the dogs and apply Advantix – it’s foolproof.
    Note: Please do NOT believe that old clunker about garlic keeping fleas off your dogs, not only does it not work, garlic and onions can cause some really nasty blood diseases in dogs. Didn’t think anyone was still practicing that voodoo on their poor animals – it can kill them.

  2. RobT

    Getting rid of fleas will be a challenge, especially if you have a lot around the house. And it can be an
    on- going battle for a few days.
    1) get flea/tick medicine from the vet for both dogs and your cat (set this aside).
    2) give the animals a flea bath ( all 3, including your cat… be sure to use the dog shampoo on the dogs and the cat shampoo on the cat).
    3) when they are dry, give each of them their flea medicine.
    4) vacuum around the house and immediately take the vacuum outside when done. Take the vacuum bag out and throw it away. Don’t forget to wash the doggy / cat beds if you have them. The vacuuming is to pick up the fleas, but some will crawl out, if you leave it in the house, so be sure to throw the bag away.
    At this point, the flea medicine should be good for a month, so the only thing left to do is vacuum once a week or so to keep picking up the fleas… they lay eggs in the carpet and bedding, so you want to keep picking up any new fleas ( remember to throw the vacuum bag away each time!).

  3. Kelly

    First thing, give them a bath with flea and tick shampoo as it will sooth their skin and provide them with immediate relief. As soon as they are dried, apply Frontline, Advantix, or Advantage…you have to use these products. They are expensive, but the only way to get rid of them for good. I recommend Frontline…my dogs got fleas last year and we applied Frontline and they were gone in a few days. Next, after you have bathed them and applied Frontline, attack your house. Spray flea and tick mist, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Vacuum EVERYTHING, every nook and cranny in your home, your furniture, your bedding, your curtains, and then WASH them. Immediately after vacuuming, take the vacuum bag outside. If you cannot get rid of them this way, go straight to the vet. Good luck!

  4. ilovebun

    you can put them in a box so they wont get out and put a little bit of rubbing alcohol that’s what my mom did and got rid of those fleas but you wanna be safe so don’t put to much on them if you put a lot on them it will burn thru their skin
    any more help?
    email me at

  5. Viv

    Do you have squirles around your house? if you do, this could be one of the reasons why, they carry fleas.

  6. Heather

    The baths won’t protect them from fleas. Baths only kill them, they don’t prevent re-infestation. Buy a good quality flea control product that you put on the back of the animal’s necks. You don’t have to go to the vet to get these anymore, you can buy them at you local supermarket. Heartz makes a good one. Then you have to kill the ones in your house to keep them from jumping on your animals. Here’s what you do:
    The first thing to do here is to wash whatever things can fit into your washer such as blankets and small rugs. Use a good detergent and wash in hot water, then dry in your drier. The soapy bath and hot drier will kill any fleas and eggs that may be living in these items.
    Next, use a vacuum to clean all of the larger soft surfaces thoroughly. Once everything has been vacuumed you need to remove the bag from your vacuum cleaner and throw it away outside immediately.
    Then spray every soft surface in your entire house with a good flea spray thoroughly. Make sure to spray plenty in the obviously infested areas such as pet beds, and rooms where the most flea bites have occurred.
    Not just any flea spray will do the job, so you need to know your stuff before going to the store to purchase flea killing spray. The product you purchase should be a liquid insect growth regulator (IGR). IGR’s inhibit the growth of insects and stay effective for about 200 days. I like “Flea Free Breeze”. It has always worked well for me.
    Hope this helps!

  7. Angie B

    Here’s what I have done for the past 3 years, and it has been full proof. I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. I have had 2 hairless cresteds. And currently still have one. I would NEVER put the harsh chemicals on their delicate skin–even if they were moderately hairy.
    I use garlic granules that are formulated for dogs. They also come in tablet form that can be fed as treats. It is used on a per pound basis. (i.e. For the granules, a 40lb dog gets 1/4 scoop on its food daily, after the first week of getting it fully in its system) Garlic is good for the heart and circulatory systems of our dogs. I haven’t seen a flea on my dogs or in my house since I started using it. I quit using the topicals when one of my dogs started frothing at the mouth when she licked the spot after I treated her. I decided then that I wouldn’t use that stuff again. I went all natural.
    One of my larger dogs was having trouble with flies biting his ears….they don’t bother him now. Once you get the garlic in their systems, it’s a maintenance issue. What I did for my biggest dog–she weighed 160lbs, was put a quarter scoop on the first week to get her acclimated and make sure she would eat it and have no reaction. Then I adjusted it up to the initial dosage the company recommends. Once it was in her system for about 3 weeks, I took it back down to maintenance of about half a scoop. The scoop is about equivalent to about 1 tsp, est.
    I buy it from
    There is more information at the website.
    Not only is it better for the dogs, it is MUCH more cost effective. Right now, it is on sale, Buy 2 Get 2 free total of $21.00 before shipping. They are 1lb tubs of the granules. It takes me better than 2 months to go through 1 tub, with 4 dogs. 2 large breeds, 2 toy breeds.

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