there are fleas in my house on my cats and this is after i bombed it and shampooed the cats withflea rid and used frontline on them/ HELP ME PLEASE!



  1. Logo Design

    I had this problem. First, I bathed the dog and after the bath, I put that flea stuff on her. Its the stuff that comes in the little tube. It works its way into her fur, and it keep it off of the dog. They make them for cats too.
    Then, I got the flea powder stuff for the carpet. I used one can on each room, dumping the entire contents onto the carpet. Then, the product says to leave it for something like 24 hours, I left it for a week, making sure nothing survived. I did it on the furniture and under the furniture, even the bed. Also, since the dog slept with me, I washed the sheets, and anything those little buggers could live in.
    After a week, I vacuumed up the powder, and then that was it.
    To test to see if I had any fleas, one trick I found was to fill a pan, like a cookie sheet, with an lip around it. Put water in it, and put it near an outlet, and put a little nightlight on that outlet. What this does is attracts the fleas and they will jump towards the light, and land in the water. Since they can’t swim, they will drown. Then, in the morning, you can see if you have any. I did this for about a week, just to make sure I didn’t have any more fleas in the house.
    I don’t know how to treat the yard, since the apartment complex did it, but I am sure there are products out there that will eliminate them.

  2. Kelly F

    Use Frontline or advantage on the cats and for the carpet use Fleabusters RX. It will work I promise. I had three cats myself and had taken in a mom cat that had just given birth to 3 babies and they all had fleas. I bought this stuff (which is safe for all pets) sprinkled it on the carpet, within 2 weeks they were gone and I havent seen any since (3 years) Trust me it works, and its better and cheaper than having an exterminator come to your house and use chemicals. Try it!

  3. DZNR4U

    The Eggs the fleas have laid in your upholstry, carpet, bedding, and drapery have hatched….. ( yes , your pets flea eggs have hatched too) If I remember correctly, they hatch every 9 days or sooner. And they multiply like rabbits. So.. you have to keep the treatment up several times. The bombs usually work great, but it will take several bombings……. I like the Bengal brand.
    It make take a while to totally get rid of those pesky critters, but keep it up, it sounds like you are doing the right thing, but it will take more than one treatment.
    good luck

  4. Oblivia

    This can be really tough. First, you have to be committed to doing everything in 1 day, or else you are just chasing fleas! You have to treat your animals, furniture,carpeting and flooring, and treat the yard all on the same day! Then, and only then, do you have a fighting chance. An don’t go cheap. Use good products that will do the job right the first time.

  5. Mamabear

    Keep it up the bombs and take cats to vet for flea dips. Vaccuum often. Use flea powder on carpet and furniture and vaccuum it. Keep cats indoors. Fleas are worse in the summer.

  6. wolfatre

    Continue to use the Frontline to keep the fleas off your cats. You’ll have to treat the house several times in order to get rid of the fleas. When fleas are in a pupal stage nothing much will kill them. You also want to use a good flea bomb, not something you buy at the dollar store. All flea control products are NOT equal. I’d suggest bombing at two week intervals at least 3 times.…

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