I have a problem with Fleas , I have NO dogs, cats, etc. . I have just bombed my home and now I have more than I started with in the first place. I have tryed flea sprays , seven dust , and most things you get at Wal-Mart , and my local feed store .


  1. rhinestones

    You need to use a bomb or fog for fleas and then do it again in 10 days to kill the newbies. Also, wash all linens, clothes, bed sheets, etc. Vacuum all floors and furniture to get rid of the eggs. If that doesn’t work, move if you’re renting, or call a pest control company. You may have a neighbor who has a flea infestation and they’ll just keep coming back.
    Good Luck!

  2. WP Robot

    It sounds like you’ve gone down just about every avenue you can on your own, I would call an exterminator to have your house professionally fumigated.

  3. NeverRea

    i have dogs, and we have no fleas(you have them all!!). sorry couldn’t resist.
    the best flea spray for the house is raid flea killer plus. you can buy it at the grocery store. you can also get adams flea mist but this is for your pet.
    i would suggest call a professional exterminator and have your yard sprayed, and at the same time use the raid flea killer plus.
    most likely the fleas are vacating when you spray, and then coming back afterwords. if you spray the outside at the same time as the inside, should do the trick, plus most exterminators will guarantee their work for a certain period of time, say 6 months. after about 4-5 months, call them, say you have fleas again and they will come spray again, so you get some extra flea free time.
    also buy a dogs flea collar, cut it up into 2-3″ strips, and throw a strip into your vacuum bag, and each time you change the bag. this will kill the fleas you suck up into the vacuum.. and bag your vacuum bag-you know, seal it in a trash bag, then toss it.
    hope this works, fleas suck!!

  4. WP Robot Wordpress Autoposter

    this is the only sure way get moth flakes at hardware store sprinkle in your carpet and floor and leave at least a week on ground it will kill all fleas and their eggs and not only that a canister of flakes is less than 4 bucks

  5. spooky 1

    diatomaceous(?) earth. you can buy it at a pool supply store. sprinkle about 1 pound per 300 sq. ft. onto your carpet, then broom it into the carpet really well with a clean push broom. don’t vacuum for about 48 hours, but keep moving around on the carpet to keep the fleas active. the D.E. is microscopically razor sharp and cuts the the fleas shells so they dehydrate and die.
    repeat in about 5 or 6 weeks.
    also, bay and eucalyptus leaves under the sofa,rugs,help keep the fleas away. or you could try looking up fleabusters. good luck

  6. luvz2puf

    a strong vacume with a piece of a flea coller in the canister to kill what u suk up… and bomb the house and wash all the pets bedding… also u can put a sticky pad on the ground with a small light just above it during the night. the fleas are attracted to the light and get stuck in the stiky pad. they work great!! You will find hundreds stuck to it in the morning. They also sell a devise like described at the pet shops i believe. also treat the yard. its as important to do that as it is the indoors… a mounth or so more and they should start going away with the colder weather…

  7. daisy2gr

    I second the motion for the salt on the floors and also sprinkle it at doorways and on porches or decks. Cora

  8. swarovski rhinestones

    Usually the fleas ride animals in and out. If you have no animals the fleas are left wanting you.
    Sprinkle a lot of salt in the floors, it explodes the eggs, leave it there for a week. Place banana peels in places where they are the worst. The fleas eat it and it kills them, I do not know why.
    After the salt thing, vaccuum every day for 2 weeks (fleas have a 2 week cycle), change the bag every time you vaccuum, burn it if you can, if not, at least put it in a dumpster somewhere.
    Thats all I got for you

  9. Carol H

    I really feel for you. Have you thought about getting a cat or dog then the fleas would be on them….I would defintely call in an exterminator.

  10. memm

    Fleas do not just come from animals. I don’t know the real name but the old fashion name is Sand Fleas. Sounds like you bombed them out of carpeting and furniture. They live and bred on fiber which could even be on drapes if the fiber content supports thier bredding habits. Pillows, foam, horsehair and any heavy fabric.
    I would call an extreminator and ask advice. But my granmother use to use Rid for lice in the guest cottage, she pulled out the wall to wall carpet, used lighter fabrics and replaced the infested furniture. You can get it in a spray formula and follow the directions.
    But call the extreminator for advice….

  11. pinkrosegreeneyes bluerose

    A vet told me that fleas can be brought inside the home from being on your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So you might also want to get one of those gallon flea/tick sprays that have the hose & nozzle and spray the lawn and any outside porches or decks. Lowes or Home Depo has them.

  12. LeBlanc

    Sprinkle the contents of a large box of baking soda on your carpet and furniture. Massage it in a bit. Let it remain for about 12 hours. Vacuum the residue.
    If you have fur coats or similar items do the same with those.
    ***Get on this straight away, fleas are very prolific.
    Repeat a second time if necessary.
    Let me know your results.

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