I’ve just recently moved into this house, I have no pets but I do have small children. How do i get rid of theses fleas, they are eating us alive. I tried the salt but no luck, maybe I didn’t use enough. PLEASE HELP


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    As “kny390” stated earlier bombs make a mess. I don’t know how young your children are (toddlers?) if so, you will need a different plan. Take Heed. The younger they are the more precautions you will need to take, the less choices you have in chemicals. A fairly “safer” chemical & not expensive is “Sythetic permethrin” check your local feedstore, etc. Also vacum a few times a day until you do anything & use a new bag each time & dump outside each time. And BEFORE you do any treating.
    Let me think on this more

  2. Iyamei V

    ok your going to have to put up with it until you either try all the flea products (witch never work) or try -temporarily- moving in with someone else. Than while your away the fleas will have nothing to eat and will start eating each other and then cover yourself in vinager go in the house and wash eveything i don’t know why they dont like vinager but i don’t blame the fleas.Or when i went on a vacation when i came back they where all gone

  3. Kali N

    if you go to the vets office ask them if they have a spray. we had that problem and the vet gave us a spray that u spray all over and it kills them

  4. Nani

    get a flea bomb. If you can not find it in the pet stores call a vets office and see if they know where you can get one. Sorry to hear about your problem. You may just call the owner of the building and tell him to take care it it.

  5. Common Sense

    Get an inside pesticide at Wal Mart or at any supply store…
    Use carpet cleaner / insecticide…

  6. Megan N

    If you have a major infestation, you could try fixing it yourself while the fleas CONTINUE to bite you, every day risking transmission of disease to your children…
    Or you could call an exterminator.

  7. kny390

    First your going to have to get a hotel/motel room for at least a day. Then go to your local pet store or Farm and Fleet Store and get flea bombs. You will need several. These will have to go off and it takes quite a while for all the smoke to get everywhere. Don’t forget the basement/crawl space. Then get treatment for your lawn and the exterior of your house. The cleanup from the bombs is a lot of work because the powder/smoke is on everything walls, floors, furniture, etc. But the fleas should be gone.

  8. kyle.key

    Purchase a package of floating candles
    They’re small, round and squatty.
    Before you bed down, place a shallow cake pan
    of water in each room. Float a candle in each pan.
    Light candles. Overnight, fleas will jump into pan.
    Do this for a few days until fleas disappear.
    Then vacuum good and put down flea powder.
    Repeat the vacuum and flea treatment until you
    get rid of the eggs.
    This works.

  9. underpre

    My mother lived in Florida for several years and would get the bug man to come every month. She told me that all he would do inside the house was rub borax into the carpet with a rubber rake. Then he said to wait a couple hours and vaccum. That was his treatment for fleas.

  10. flare_78

    Fleas are originally brought in from outside. First, you will need to treat the perimeter of your house with a powder or spray for fleas. Once this is done, you need to treat your home. As long as fleas can get into your home, they will remain there.
    We used to have this problem, but onces we treated our dogs and the perimeter of the house, this problem no longer exist. If you need specific brand names, message me.

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