I have to get rid of fleas that are on two cats and two large dogs…I belive they maybe hiding in the house and I have to find a safe treatment. That will be safe for my animals and my 5month old baby. I want to prevent myself and the baby from being bitten from fleas once I get them off the pets. Please help me! (I was told about a product called atvantage but unfortunately I cannot afford it at over $60.00 for the dogs and an addional $60.00 for the cats) The one dog is irrated so badly that she has chewed her skin raw within a week any help with that too?


  1. Cryz

    Firstly, Dawn (I use lemon scent) can help you clean and kill the fleas on your pets. It nullifies a fleas natural water reistance. And its gentler then most of the pesticides, like advantage. It does remove a dogs oily fur coating which means you can’t let them stay out in the raid or anything for several weeks.
    Then get Raid Flea Killer. Bomb the house with this, it killed the fleas for good, and the dawn got them off the pets. I have had nothing else work, I tried every other low cost solution, advantage worked but the fleas were still in the house, and hte only pesticide that worked was Raid Flea Killer.

  2. katie-bu

    I work for an exterminator. Fleas live in cocoons in the carpet. The bomb kills the adults but NOT the babies in the carpet. If you vaccuum, the vibrations of the vaccuum will cause the babies to jump out of the cocoons and die. Vacuum EVERY day for 21 days, use over-the counter flea spray or call the exterm. If you call someone you still MUST vaccuum, even the tile!! Treat the pets with some flea shampoo or flea wipes. You can buy stuff at wal-mart, it works great! Bomb every 21 days, get rid of pet bedding.

  3. lydlykar

    You have to completely clean your home (including backyard, car…wherever your pet hangs out).. Flea bombs work well if you have a really tough case, but you should repeat flea bomb about 10 days or so after first one as eggs will still hatch even if they’ve been deluged with the bombs! …I have three dogs and use advantage which works really well. I also bathe them periodically in soap containing mellaluca or eucalyptus oils. (Try using for your poor pooch with the irritated skin).. You can place handfuls of eucalyptus berries under beds and couches as well which is a natural way to keep the fleas at bay…(can’t stand using strong chemicals unless infestation has occurred) I have also heard that if you add brewer’s yeast to your pets food that that is a good deterrent. Never have tried it though. Good Luck!

  4. logman68

    Try eucalyptus oil. Put drops down its back and belly three times a day. As far as the house you have to get the stuff to spray the house for the fleas and there eggs

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