Had a dog, but he was moved to my grandparents house. Now, he has left fleas in our house and they are now feeding on us! Help! I’ve tried fogger and boric acid.



  1. rhinestones

    Get flea powder for carpets, and remove all people and pets. Sprinkle the powder generously all over the carpets and furniture, follow the directions for waiting to vacuum, then vacuum it all up. Immediately dispose of vacuum bag out of doors in case any survived. Wash bedding in hot water, and vacuum mattresses, too. .
    Feed your family garlicky meals (spaghetti with garlic bread, lasagna, etc.) for a few days. Fleas hate garlic and won’t bite you if you eat it. If flea powder doesn’t work, you can sprinkle garlic powder on floors and furniture and leave it for a couple of days to drive them out. After you vacuum, the smell doesn’t seem to linger too long.
    Foggers are nearly worthless. The fleas are on the floors and furniture, not in the air! I’ve never heard of fleas eating boric acid, they eat blood. Try the flea powder for carpets, should do the trick if you’re thorough. You may have to repeat in a week or two unless you get one that kills the eggs, too. Good luck!

  2. baymast1…

    Fleas are very hard to get rid of and it can take months. Your pets need to be put on the proper flea prevention to kill any fleas or flea eggs on them. One part of the fleas life cycle is basically indestructible, when the pupae is in its cocoon right before turning in to an adult. There are no products out there that will kill the flea in this stage and it can live in the cocoon for up to 6 months. Washing fabrics that your pet lays on must be done as well as very thoroughly vacuuming the whole house. Try repeating the foggers, and you need one for each room. You can even contact an exterminator. I hope this helped.

  3. dolfingr

    Not sure if they are still around, but years ago my family used a company called “Flea Busters”… They come and sprinkle a pet-safe powder in the carpet and on the floors, then vacuum it up… leaving you flea-free for a year. It worked wonders in our breeding business. Or you can use something like Advantage or Frontline on your pet, the fleas will die off pretty quickly. Good luck!

  4. Kristen

    there is a really good product that you get at a pet store.. get the liquit drops that you put in the back of there neck its the best.. it will also kill the flies in the house and everything all from putting it on the animal.. oh there is no animal lol well the best thing is go to a pet store anyways they specialize in all that

  5. sugarbea

    dont listen to that answer they WILL NOT die on there own flee eggs can lay dorment in your home for years and start to hach just by you entering the room (vibrations)
    try using a flee bomb!! you can buy them at any supermarket. you’ll need one for each room and have to leave the house for a couple of hours…. ONLY thing that works!!!
    do you have a pet in the house??? cos thoses back of the neack drops also remove the flees and eggs from your home..
    good luck

  6. Simonne L

    No dont try to get rid of them, give it 2 weeks they will die, and if u see one, kill it! If u kill all the ones that feed off of you, the ones that dont will starve!

  7. Black Rose

    shampoo your carpet
    or get some bug killer like Home Defense…they sell it at Home Depot. Works really really good and kills spiders, ants, roaches, fleas, basically the stuff you DON’T want in your house.

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