I just recently moved into a house and my next door neighbor has dogs in a pen. Every time I walk outside and come back in, I have fleas all over my legs and feet. I don’t want them to take over my house and I also have grandchildren that come and love to play outside. I am so afraid they will get on them and bite them. What should I do? Is there anything I can do to get rid of them or do I just have to just deal with them.



  1. ilovemyf

    The most effective way is to use a pesticide spray. Triazicide works well with fleas, but can be harmful to your grandchildren. A natural treatment would be using Eucyluptus Oil or Diatamatious earth. You can dillute the oil in a sprayer and treat your yard. The Diatamatious Earth can be sprinkled all over your yard. You can buy this at Home Depot or Lowes, it’s called filter powder and is used for pool filters. It is basically crushed shells and they work like tons of little razor blades on the body of fleas and other hard shelld insects like ants. Neither are harmful to people or your plants. To keep more fleas from entering your yard sprinkle a layer along the fence or property line. The oil needs retreatment every couple of weeks.
    You might want to also talk to your neighbor. If you feel uncomfortable doing this then call animal control. Not only is keeping your dogs penned up unhealthy for the dog, but flea infestation is extreamly harmful. Flea treatments are very inexpensive for dogs, about $15.00 a month for Revolution. This stuff works great too.
    Good luck!

  2. godiva

    theres this stuff you can get at the garden center called seven or sevin dust that you usually use in the garden to get rid of pests but if you sprinkle it around the pen it will kill the fleas i promise and its fairly cheap.

  3. Stephani

    Use a dry granual flea killer in your yard. I have my dogs on that stuff you put on their neck and it lasts for months… I never have fleas in my house or in my yard.

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