My cat has fleas all over her and that must mean they are all over the house. How do I kill them all??



  1. Geek In Pinkâ„¢

    I use frontline for my animals. It’s VERY important that you treat your house and cat in the same day.
    Start by vacuuming thoroughly, especially below drapes, under furniture edges, and where your pet sleeps. It is estimated that vacuuming can remove up to 50% of flea eggs. Vacuum daily in high traffic areas, weekly in others. Each time, seal your vacuum bag in a plastic bag and discard it immediately. Do NOT place mothballs or flea collars in the vacuum, since toxic fumes could result.
    Use a product that will kill any remaining adult fleas and also stop the development of eggs and larvae. You will need a product that contains both an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR), such as Nylar (pyriproxyfen) or methoprene. This can be in the form of carpet powders, foggers, or sprays.
    Foggers are especially good for large open areas. Surface sprays can reach areas such as baseboards, moldings, cracks, and under furniture where foggers cannot reach. Choose the product(s) you use with care, taking into account the presence of children, fish, birds, persons with asthma, etc. Your veterinarian can help you choose the appropriate products for your situation.
    Wash your pet’s bedding weekly and treat the bed and surrounding area with a product that contains both an adulticide and an insect growth regulator, such as bioSpot Carpet Spray.
    Do not forget to also clean and treat your automobile, pet carrier, garage, basement, or any other place your pet spends much time.

  2. Starligh

    They make a spray that you can spray around your house that is called siphotrol. This also comes in a yard spray that hooks to your hose to treat the yard with.
    I’d use either frontline or advantage to get rid of the fleas on the cat. You can give her a flea bath to get rid of the fleas that are on her, but this will not prevent more fleas from jumping back on her after. A lot of people prefer advantage because it works quicker. The flea is paralyzed the minute they jump on the animal. But advantage is not waterproof so wait at least 2 days before bathing, or bath before and wait until she is fully dry before applying. Frontline the flea has to bite before it is paralyzed but it is waterproof.
    Don’t use the flea products you can buy in places like wal-mart. Though applied in a similar way, they do not work and they are a waste of money. We have even had animals come in that have had severe reactions to it.
    Edit: Also you will need to at least treat your house and yard twice. Do the initial treatment, then 2 weeks from then do another treatment. The 1st treatment you are killing the adult fleas. The 2nd treatment you kill the eggs that hatch.

  3. tebasmm

    Frontline, Revolution or Advantage. (if adult cat) Advantage probably being the cheapest. Frontline probably working the best. I would you frontline spray or adams powder for the house and vacuum every day for a few weeks and make sure you empty the bag or container. fleas can live in the vaccuum and escape. Do not wash your cat for at least 3 days before or 3 days after you apply the oil. it will decrease it’s effectiveness. Also you may want to call your vet and see if they will give you a dewormer because fleas usuall cause tape worms. If you apply frontline for a few months and the cat doesn’t go out it should get rid of them. If cat goes out i would apply all year. Please DO NOT USE the other products sold in the store they often cause SEIZURES in cats. Its amazing they are still allowed to be sold. Hope all this helps.

  4. Calli-Ki

    for the cat, go to the vet. He will give her something that kills the fleas instantly. Then you can put her on some type of anti-flea medicine that is monthly, such as Advantage or Frontline…
    Continue doing this for about 6 months so you get all the fleas and eggs dead (the cycle)
    For your house I would thoroughly vacuum to pick up any fleas and eggs on the carpet and furniture. Wash any bedding and also vacuum the mattresses.
    Once the cat is on anti-flea meds they will all die because they will not be able to live off the cat. It takes a few months to kill off the cyle.
    Whatever you do, don’t go to the local store and by those anti-flea sprays and treatments, such as Hartz. They are deadly and toxic. I don’t even know why Hartz continues to make them.

  5. shanco01

    Frontline. You will need to sterilize your home/wash all bedding (anything cloth) in hot water several times. Any couch cushions, etc. will be embedded with fleas. You can also flea bomb, but must leave the house with all animals for approximately 5-6 hours. At that point, you can put the Frontline on your cat. Please note that flea removal is a difficult process, but can be done.

  6. naru1121

    go to your vet and get some flea drops like advantage or something along those lines. Give her a really good bath first. then just vaccume your house really good and wash all the sheets/blankets or anything the cat sleeps on.

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