i have 4 year old rhodesian ridgeback and she has fleas really bad and she is 2 weeks pregnant. i want something safe that wont harm the puppies. i was thinking of feeding her garlic but i dont know if she will eat it.


  1. Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!

    Check with the vet. I believe, and I am not 100% sure on this, that Capstar is safe for a pregnant female. I do know that you can use advantage on a pregnant or nursing female. Good luck to you.
    And be very careful about garlic. Some dogs are allergic to garlic, if she reacts to it, you will have a major problem on your hands!

  2. jollyjim

    Here are good articles on Fighting Fleas & Ticks:
    The first link is a Holistic approach;http://www.holisticfamilyandpets.com/http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/Fleas.htm… http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/696_fle…http://www.healthypet.com/library_view.a…
    I use FrontLine Plus on my ZOE, but it has a side effect with her, she becomes lethargic for 3 or 4 days after administrating it. Read my post (Lethargic RR; about 16 down from top) and 12 answers at: http://members3.boardhost.com/RidgebackF…
    I vagely remember reading disolving Boric Acid or Baking Soda in water and using a wash cloth and rubbing the dog down daily for a week. It’s a weak solution, but I don’t remember how to mix it or IF it is either one of these products. Whatever is used, keep away from eyes and any soft tissue and try in one small place to see if there’s any reaction to it. I’d research the uses for these two products first before using either.
    Hope this helps you and your RR.

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    dogs love garlic but it wont get rid of the fleas totally
    brush her with a flea comb – this is 100 % safe.. stick any fleas you find to a piece of tape for disposal…
    flea bath might be ok as well
    NEVER use a flea collar
    vaccumm her bedding area – wash all toys, mow the lawn…
    check her daily.

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  6. langlais

    Fleas hit our home this late spring, like they never have before. I have 8 dogs and 4 cats and it was a nightmare.
    I used diatomaceous earth on the dogs (not the swimming pool kind, you can get the flea product in pet supply catalogs or on the net) in the carpet, around the base of the house, in the yard. Beneficial nematodes can also be put in the yard because they eat flea larvae.
    I would not use chemicals on a pregnant RR. It might be wise to get an exterminator into your home and keep your RR away for a day.
    When those fleas start breeding in your home environment, it’s at least a 3 week battle to get them under control, without using harsh chemicals.
    there is a product that can be put into your carpets that is non-toxic, it’s a form of salt, and it will kill fleas and their larvae for up to one year. I have used that in the past, and it is sold in pet supply stores.
    I think one commercial name is “Fleas BeGone”

  7. mtpkt74

    You should contact your vet and ask them about a frontline or something along them lines..
    You can also bath your dog in Dawn Original dish soap (the blue one) and or buy some Skin so soft original bath oil from Avon, it does help control.

  8. ♥Golden gal♥

    Both Front line and Advantage are safe for pregnant dam’s. You best this under control before the pups arrive and make sure it is kept under control. Fleas on new born pups is very unhealthy for them and can make them very anemic and possible cause the pups to die.

  9. Pretty Princess

    U should take her to a vet. They know what to do. And if you think its an emergency don’t call fir a appointment just rush right in.

  10. Stephanie L

    Frontline Plus is completely safe to use on pregnant canines. The vet that I work at sells it to non-clients so if you don’t have a set family veterinarian the closest practice to you should sell it to you. Frontline Plus also will rid of fleas in your environment too as long as you’re treating all the pets in your household unlike Advantage or Advantix.

  11. Alexis R

    Apply Front line Plus. You can buy this at any vets office and some pet stores will sell this. Its a product you put on the skin and it kills fleas for 30 days. You need to use this every month b/c once you have fleas in your house you will never get rid of them and your dog will always have fleas. This product kills fleas on the dogs skin. Giving your dog a flea bath will only kill fleas that are on her at that time. As soon as you get done more fleas , that are already in your house, will jump on her and there you go. More fleas!! Fleas also live in carpets and keep reproducing. Your dog is basically like a flea buffet. I would be more responsible and definately use this flea product every month consistantly.

  12. Pet Luvr

    Ask your vet about a pill called Capstar and a topical called Advantage. I believe both are safe for pregnant and nursing animals. Both are only available from a vet and they’d be able to tell you for certain if they are safe.

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    umm i would call your vet and ask if there is a type of flea spray that you can buy in a pet store that is safe for the puppies. if there isnt im sure there something that he has. I know that when my got pretty bad fleas and she had just had them we asked the vet what to do and he gave us medicine that wouldnt harm the babies.
    so my best suggestion would be to call your vet and ask if he knows of anything that you can buy from a pet store, and if he says there isnt ask him for something!!
    i hope this helps

  14. AnimalHe

    Washing your dog with Dawn dishwashing soap and leaving the suds remain on her for more then 10 minutes before you rinse her, will kill all the fleas on her body. But then you must kill the fleas in her environment also or they will just jump on her too. Dawn has no residual flea killing properties. Sevin dust sprinkled in the yard in all areas accessible to your dog will kill the fleas in the grass and dirt. 20 Mule Team Borax (available in the laundry section of your grocery store) sprinkled in all carpet and dog bedding in your house will kill the fleas in your home and is safe. You must do all these things to get rid of the fleas – just one will not work. Your vet may have some other products safe for pregnant dogs. Neither Advantage nor Frontline is listed as safe for pregnant dogs. Be sure to worm both mom and puppies as soon as they reach 6 weeks of age because they will most probably have tape worms and other intestinal parasites. Your vet can do this for you when the pups get their first distemper/parvo vaccine at 6 weeks old.

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