my cat has had fleas for about 6 months now.i bought Advantage for kittens 9 lbs. and under,and my cat is 8-12 months old . it doesn’t kill the fleas it just weakens them.did i buy the wrong type ?i tried almost everything to get rid of the fleas but nothing seems to be there anything i can feed my cat?


  1. ladders_

    You have to treat the house, too, to get the flea eggs that were there before you started the Advantage. It’s killing some fleas but not others that are just hatching.
    How to REALLY get rid of fleas COMPLETELY:
    Take your animals to the vet and have them bathed and boarded overnight.
    While the animals are gone, vacuum the hell out of your home, all the furniture, everywhere a flea might be hiding. Do laundry- all the animal beds, all the people bedding, throw rugs, everything.
    Then flea bomb your house. If you’re sensitive to chemicals stay in a hotel…
    The next day vacuum the hell out of your house and put the place back together, and go get the animals.
    Never let the animals outside ever again. They will pick up new fleas from the yard.
    If they must go outside use the flea drops religiously and be prepared to do your house again (even twice a year) once the flea eggs get re-established in your home.

  2. pk

    Apply topical Frontline or Revolution, which also kills heartworm, ticks, and ear mites. Both require a prescription but can be ordered online (usually costs less than at the vet). Good luck!

  3. kendalan

    frontline AFTER bombing all the rooms in your house. Also, put a regular flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum 3 times a week. Might wanna get a worm pill from the vewt, too, cats usually get worms from bad infestations.


    i learned a while back that fleas have an aversion to eucalyptus branches.
    put them under your couch.
    i have always dipped my cats with a store bought (Hartz) dip and it works well.
    However nothing lasts forever.
    I dip about four times per year.
    I also spray my grass with pesticide but make sure you uy animal friendly type

  5. luckysta

    try the advantage again and sprinkle brewers yeast on their food it makes their blood taste yucky to the fleas

  6. Metal Band Fonts

    Duckie and ladders hit the nail on the head – its the flea EGGS that are the problem.
    Fleas are an arachnid (like a spider or a dust mite) and they hatch from eggs. The eggs can hatch up to a year after they are laid, so you can spray your cat with all the hazardous chemicals you want, and they will just keep coming back. There is no flea spray that will kill the eggs, so other than burning your house down the only solution is to vacuum the hell out of your house and burn the vacuum bags when you are done. Again and again. Combine that with a a Vet -recommended flea treatment like Advantage and in a few months you will have the problem solved.
    But let the cat out of the house once, and you’re back to square one.
    By the way cat fleas are specific to cats – they won’t bother dogs or people.

  7. Z-Cat

    7dust, I’ve used it for years, I have 5 cats, I sprinke it on my floors leave it a few hours & sweep & vaccume. Also sprinkle it around your house & yard. This will not kill animal, or hurt kids.

  8. just♪won

    Frontline Top Spot did the job for my cats. You need to get kitty outside and bomb the house one time. Brewers yeast works as an added preventative and helps improve the coat. If you want to avoid more fleas, keep kitty indoors. Indoor kitties live a lot longer. If your cat is bored, get a companion cat — a young cat of the opposite sex is best.

  9. van kedileri

    Make sure you buy Advantage thru vet, only then is it guaranteed. Use a premise spray on surfaces.

  10. 100% Chance of Pain

    First try bathing the cats in a good flea bath…then you need to spray for fleas in the house…If all else fails…get rid of your cats.

  11. Kelley

    CEDAR! natural replent and CHEAP!! they have spray and you can get the wood chips for around the outside of the house. The spray you can use ON your cat, lightly since it is a young one. If you have a bed for it, use the spray on the bed or use the chips on it. Spray everything in your house cuz fleas get everywhere!!

  12. Brenda C

    have your cat flea dipped and where did you buy the advantage, because if it is bought anywhere other than a vet , it is probably old and outdated…once in a blue moon advantage doest work but very seldom, ask ur vet mayb frontline will work better, also brewers yeast everyday in thier food, comes in poeder form . or tablests, easy to mix up in food.

  13. PuttPutt

    I went to my vet and got the good stuff. The vet will also have sprays you can put on your carpet. You may also need to call an exterminator to get rid of the fleas in your house.

  14. lena b

    Revolution flea treatment got rid of my cat’s fleas. My vet put it on his skin. Also, wash the cat’s bedding. Vacuum the couches and everywhere else that the cat sleeps.

  15. Duckie

    Vacume vacume vacume..and promptly dispose of the vacume bag. Keep using Advantage, every month. You likely have flea eggs hatching. Eventually it will stop.

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