what do i was my hard wood floors with in order to get rid of fleas? how do i disinfectant my puppies crate for fleas? it would be cool if there were some home remedies.
i already treated my puppy with k9 advantix but i would like to disinfectant the house too.


  1. Smartphone Software

    It is a lot like lice… you just have to get in and CLEAN hardcore. Bug bomb first maybe, then get out your broom, mop, vacuum, and the bleach. Change all of your bedding. Be sure to get the couch too. And do it all in one day, then do it again on the same day the next week. Spray everything down with a safe bug killing spray (I know they make some for lice that can probably be used for fleas too, its safe to use on matresses and couches and such)… Good luck…that sucks.

  2. JOAN W

    Vacuuming the floor daily & thoroughly will remove the fleas if you empty/remove the bag. Clean the crate as you would normally clean a crate (they won’t really spend much time on either as they can’t hide on hard surfaces.)& wash any bedding in hot water with bleach.

  3. maxmom

    The only way I have is to bug bomb the house. It’s not a home remedy, but it works. The problem is the eggs that get in the cracks. The bomb kills them.

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