When i give my hasmter a bath like i’ve read it won’t work.I’ve done it like millions of times and when i put him back in his clean cage he starts scraching like crazy again. My hamster could never do anything in peace.Because he’s always scraching herself.And i don’t know any other way that i could get rid of the fleas and i’m scared that my hamster might scrach herself do death!


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    It’s normal for rodents to groom themselves, especially after a bath. If she is doing it constantly, or if you notice bumps, scratches, redness, or hair loss, then you should suspect parasites. The best way to get rid of them is Advantage or Revolution, topical flea-killer solutions that can be purchased from your veterinarian. One small drop on the base of the neck, right against the skin, then another 2 weeks later will kill any parasites your hamster has. Make sure you clean the cage out really well during this time so none of the parasites survive in the bedding. Good luck with your hamster!

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    Listen!! You can buy a flea or lice shampoo that are made for cats! DO NOT BUY THE ONE MADE FOR THE DOGS, BECAUSE OF THE CHEMICALS ARE TOO STRONG! For cats the chemicals are not that strong, because cats are sensitve. If you use the dog product on the cat, the cat would most likely would have to be put down……. I had the same problem when i had a guinea pig. The stores and the company that made the flea/tick bath for cats said i could use it on my dog and my guinea pig, but never use the dog product on them. It will harm them.

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    Fleas are not common in mites so I t hink you are treating him for the wrong thing! It sounds just like mite to me! If you don’t treat it, the bugs will eat hi malive and he can scratch himself to death. Hamsters can be infested with a number of mites, which can be identified by a skin scraping by a vet and treated accordingly. Ringworm (actually a fungal infection) can also occur, and requires treatment by a vet. Allergies and skin infections can also occur. Hair loss is not all that unusual and can be seasonal or happen in older hamsters. If there is flakiness or redness of the skin or any lesions on the skin, or the hamster appears to be itchy and scratching more than usual, a vet should be seen. Hamsters do have scent glands on their flanks which can be dark and sometimes alarm owners. These occur on both sides of the body and do not appear irritated or bother the hamster. Cedar bedding can also cause skin irritation or allergies in addition to lung problems so should be avoided.
    The vet will usually give you medicine and then you should clean the cage with bleach to kill the bugs. Sometimes the bedding can be harmful to them. Use only Aspen or Carefresh. He could be bored. Sometimes hamsters will bite and scratch themselves to the point of bleeding. In that case, you will need to provide stimulation in the form of exersise or a larger cage. It could be any of those things but if it is to the point of bleeding, he needs to go to the vet right away.
    Do not bathe your hamster because, as this will remove the essential oils in his coat, and might lead to dry skin or even illness. It is actually doing more harm then good to the hamster and he may be itching more because of this. It is alos very stressful The only safe way to “bathe” your hamster is to dampen a very soft cloth with warm water, and wipe your hamster’s underside gently. Once you’ve removed all of the residue, then take a dry soft cloth and go over the same areas until your hamster is dry. Also, while you’re wiping him, don’t hold him upside down. The hamster will be much calmer if you gently hold his sides while you are wiping him.
    A cheap treatment I have heard of is the olive oil treatment.
    Just put virgin olive oil put about a tablespoon or two in the palm of your hand, cup two hands together, put those hands on the hamster and rub it in – gently – be very gentle if they have skin irritation, just soak let them play and lick it off. Don’t worry about washing it off. It doesn’ t matter, the oil won’t hurt them and it has some good
    value for skin and fur.
    do this again in 7-10 days, and again 7-10 days after that. those repeats are incase any eggs were left behind and hatch, because they
    hatch in 7-10 days you can see mites and lice and eggs (nits) with a
    If you have any questions feel free to email me

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