Okay so I have 2 dogs shitzu and lhaso alpso and they are being attacted by fleas i’ve tried everything from Frontline to Advantage to the store brands. Ive bombed my house. bought new furniture including mattress and doggie beds. i use sprays on the dogs every couple days i’ve done everything a vet and groomer have told me. And there still here!!! What do i Do??????


  1. mastrsoc

    Seven Dust. in the yard. there is also a new product i seen it at the store the other day, believe it’s called Dust 5 at home depot, the latter of the 2 is for indoor use.we used sargeants premise spray on the beds.

  2. stiletto

    did you try treating the yard? fleas come in on your pants legs sometimes. and sometimes dogs itch due to diet deficiencies and not fleas so unless you see the actual bugs, you could consider changing to a meat based diet without corn, wheat, or soy. that might help.

  3. ididsodi

    Do you have carpet? If you do then you may need to use seven dust and leave for a few days with your animals. come back and vacumm real good before you bring your animals back in. This stuff is not good for you animals.

  4. Kendra

    Depending on where you live, it may be almost completely impossible to get rid of fleas. Yes flea products do work, but they do not kill 100% of fleas, even though they say they do.
    I would suggest going to a Vet and asking them, see what their opinions are.

  5. nsu_demo

    My friend breeds pits and he said to take bleach and mix with water and spray your backyard where your dogs go to relieve themselves. Don’t let them in the backyard for a while so that the mixture can dry. Another friends has told me that you can spray your dogs with a mixture of Avon Skin So Soft and water with a spray bottle. You can also spray your home with pine oil or wintergreen oil. You also need to wash blankets and bed sheets or wherever they sleep in hot water. Your going to have to spray at least once every two weeks for a month or so because nothing can kill the eggs that they have already laid. You can also put down some salt or borax in your carpet but when you vacuum you need to throw away the bad immediately because they can escape from the vacuum bags. Hope some of this will help.

  6. lizzy

    Call an exterminator, and keep the Frontline on the dogs all the time, apply it once every 30 days. Frontline works best if you apply it at least 48 hours before or after bathing. There needs to be a good layer of natural oils on the skin for the product to spread itself properly, and it needs time to get down into the hair follicles. Once it is in the hair follicles, it’s very waterproof, and bathing/swimming should not affect it.
    Also don’t forget other animals: If you have rabbits, cats, rodents as pets, they can get fleas too, and keep the population alive when just the dogs are treated. You have to treat all the critters at the same t ime.

  7. cagney

    you may need to call in a professional to treat your yard. if you live close to neighbors who are the source of the infestation the fleas will keep coming back. if you pick either frontline or advantage and stick to them. and religiously apply them every 30 days. once your yard is deflead and your home it should help. but switching brands, and especially using a store brand can be the cause of the reaccurance. or you can move.

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