I have a 5 year old, spayed, declawed house cat. We recently moved to a new apartment and she has gotten fleas. I took her to the vet and they suggested frontline, which I bought and used. That did not work at all, so I purchased some BioSpot from the pet store. She’s not scratching as much now, but her skin is dry. What can I do to help soothe her??


  1. leftygir

    There is NO way the Biospot worked better than Frontline!!!! Continue to use the product your vet suggested!!! Over the counter products sometimes can cause seizures! Frontline, Advantage and Revolution are all topicals used for flea control and should be used monthly. If you are seeing fleas after using a product then it means you have fleas and flea eggs in the apartment and you will need to treat the apartment!

  2. stoofado

    You can add a bit of olive oil or cod liver oil to her food. There are also pet fur conditioning sprays that you can buy at the pet store.
    In the future you might want to consider getting your cat an injection that keeps fleas away for 6 months.
    By the way, there are probably still fleas and flea eggs in your apartment. Eggs can last a long long time. You may want to consider treating your apt. with a spray that kills immature and mature fleas. Make sure you get it in all the dark spots (under furniture and radiators) where fleas like to hide.

  3. hatchetm

    its cALLED hot spot….put that on her..its made for dogs but can work on cats….i use it on mine….works..

  4. maddog

    Microwave the cat for 2 1/2 minutes at full power. It kills all the fleas … no survivors! Of course, ol’ meow face may actually explode, after dancin’ around like a demon possessed maniac for a minute, but the fleas will definitely be gone!

  5. Dani4237

    Use Frontline or Advantage. From a vet.
    Stuff you get from Wal-fart or Targetto or your town’s feed store are true pesticides and can cause bad reactions. And flea meds made for dogs should NEVER be used on a cat. Different sensitivities to toxicity.

  6. Georgia Peach

    vinegar water. put in spray bottle and spray her w/ it. works for dogs too. Since shes an inside cat you can do it once a week or once every two. it only kills whats on them not repel them but it does work

  7. Foxy

    I don’t own a cat but own dogs and in the Winter, I will give them fat in their food. Say..bacon drippings and sometimes eggs…it puts oil into their skin. I’d rather do the natural method than try to rub oils into their coat or anything of that nature. Good Luck!

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