I have two basset hounds who have a bad case of fleas. We have them on those chewable tablets AND topical ointments AND give them flea baths but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any other suggestions?



  1. patricia

    Treat their environment. If they live inside, then get a flea bomb or spray for your house. If they live outside, there are products like Siphatrol by Vet Kem that are made to treat yards. If there are fleas in the environment, then no matter what you do, the fleas will get back on your pets.
    Also, if you are using a topical, make sure you are using one with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Frontline Plus has an IGR. There are sprays that have them as well. Ovitrol by Vet Kem is one. It has Pyrethrins in it which will kill adult insects, and Nylar which will break the life cycle of the flea so it cannot reproduce. This gives it a long term effect. Zodiac, Adams and Vet Kem are all companies that make various types of flea treatments/products.
    Another thing, I have found that over the counter topical spot products are not strong enough to deal with infestations. They probably work well as a maintenance product or in areas where fleas aren’t bad. I live in the south, and fleas are bad here so I wouldn’t ever consider using anything but the Frontline Plus (the “Plus” is important) or Advantage. I have a slight preference to the Frontline Plus. It seems to last a little longer.

  2. nthny_dm

    Go to the vet and get some Frontline. I don’t know what country your in, but in Australia the vet sells treatments that last for up to 6months. The treatment is either a tablet or a liquid that gets squirted onto the back of the dogs neck. It kills both fleas and ticks and some also even prevent heart worm.

  3. Jenni

    Go to your vet (again if you already have) and ask for other treatment options. If your vet is not able to cure something as common as fleas you need to find a new vet. Good luck. I am sure your dogs appreciate your diligence.

  4. lover of Jehovah and Jesus

    Both Frontline and Advantage work well. Vets sell them. I use an otc called Bio Spot. It works just as well and costs a lot less.

  5. Buffalo NY plastic surgeon

    If you want to use the topical medications then Frontline is the best and works extremely quickly to rid them of fleas.
    If you don’t like the mess of applying the liquid once a month and you have a lot of carpets in your house, then another solution is to get a powder (fleabusters.com has it…I have no connections to them….I was told that diatomatious earth…the sand used in pool filters has the same effect but I’ve never tried it).
    You sprinkle it all over your carpets all over the parts of the house the dog gets to…
    Then you take a clean broom and brush it gently into the carpet fibres until you can’t see it anymore (wear a mask to avoid breathing the dust). Its safe for everyone as soon as its brushed in.
    Then you wait…. within 6 weeks all the fleas will be gone. Along with roaches and other pests….the powder has tiny particles that have very sharp edges….as the critters move thru the carpet the protective coating on their bodies gets scratched off and they die.
    You can vacuum as often as you like and only need to re-apply the powder if the carpets are steam cleaned.

  6. Taoman

    Yes, vets do sell Advantage and Front-line. But if you go to Pet-co they sell the same thing but just a lot cheaper. After you put it on the dogs, bomb the house and then clean it really good, including washing the bedding that the dogs use, vacuum the floors and the major thing is to change your vacuum cleaner bag after you are done vacuuming because the fleas can live in the bags. Advantage and Front-line has to be reapplied every month and usually works best after giving them a bath and when they are dry. Flea collars are actually a waste of money because they only protect around the neck area. If bathing doesn’t seem to help with flea dip and dog shampoo, use Dove dish washing soap for the first bath then the flea protection. Dove kills fleas instantly. Good luck.

  7. Sandra B

    KEEP DOGS OUTSIDE I had to put my kitty outside but shes fine they will always come home unless u abuse them then set off Raid bombs.

  8. queeniyl

    You should probably put flea collars on them. If all else fails take them to get a check up at the vet.

  9. dezzidaz

    Having lived in FL for years (the land of the sand flea) I suspect your home is infested and re-infesting your dogs. I would recommend some basic Advantage or Frontline type flea killer for the dogs. THEN, especially if you have carpeting in your home, go to the grocery store and look in the laundry detergent isle for Borax, or any brand boric acid. Sprinkle this liberally onto the carpet, breaking the chunks into dust as you sprinkle, and then sweep it into the carpet with your house broom. It does not harm animals, but kills all fleas, lice and other hard-shelled-like bugs and their eggs. Repeat this process each time you vacuum through the warm months of the year. If your in FL, never stop doing it! I have had indoor cats, dogs and ferrets the entire time I have been doing this. I have guests bring in their pets, I have still don’t have any fleas!

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