Can anyone please help me out with this issue? My dog’s fleas (a cross between a Lab and a Golden retriever) tend to roam around the house. I get to find humongous fleas behind door hinges, corners of clothes drawers, ewww they are gross! A friend of mine once said, instead of squishing them up which promotes the spread of flea eggs, you should just suffocate them instead by wrapping them up in tape. Is that even true? How do I lessen the flea occurence?


  1. tikitiki

    If they’re that big, then they’re older fleas, which means they’ve already laid a bunch of eggs everywhere…..Your best bet is to use either Frontline or Advantage spot on treatment for the dog. Vacuum the house a lot, any carpets you can sprinkle some Borax(laundry booster found in the laundry detergent section of the store) let it sit overnight(not poisonous either) then vacuum the next day. That helps to kill them and absorb the eggs. You also need to treat the yard, either have a pro come out and spray, or go to the store and buy some granules or a spray treatment to spray the area the dogs in. Be sure to also wash the dogs bedding, pillows, toys,etc. and put in the dryer. If it’s that bad, it’ll take some time to competely get rid of them, at least a month or so. Then next year, be sure to start them on that flea med before flea season starts to avoid them in the first place.

  2. The It Girl

    Are you sure they aren’t ticks? Usually fleas don’t get that big. Get flea powder for carpet/ floor (they sell anywhere) powder everywhere and vaccum,you probablly have to this on a daily basis. Then get flea medication (if you don’t like the strong stuff, try getting a flea collar) for your dog, get flea shampoo for your dog and wash.

  3. rhsaunde

    You will need to treat the dog (Frontline and Advantage are two well-known anti-flea treatments, available from veterinarians) and also fumigate the house. Fumigants are available at pet supply stores and large hardware and home improvement stores. Read and follow the label directions, and plan on being out of the house for several hours.

  4. stanford

    there is a product you can use called Advantage. It runs about $13 for one month. It is in a box. Put some just behind the head and some at the base of the tail. It kills fleas on contact. and the eggs. i use it on my 4 dogs it works great.
    when you see a flea you can put in soapy water. regular water wont work
    good luck

  5. Alexis R

    Use a topical flea and tick preventative like Frontline Plus. This will kill all fleas and prevent them on your dog. It needs to be applied once monthy and your dog will never have fleas again. In my opinion, its the only thing that really works.

  6. tomlynhe

    It’s been my experience that spreading baby powder around drives the fleas away. Plus, bathing the dog with dish washing soap kills the fleas very effectively.

  7. Ray J

    Contrary to popular belief you do not have to shave all his fur to rid him of fleas. You just have to shave one side of his body and light the other side on fire. When the fleas run to the shaved side to escape the fire stab them with an ice pick. Flea problem solved and your dog gets to keep half his fur.

  8. Wordpress Plugins

    Frontline the animal and flea bomb your house – however ive never seen fleas as big as u decribe – so it maybe a good idea just to seek a second opion from your local vet

  9. ♪♥♫♥~Misty Shadows~♥♫♥♪

    I don’t use chemicals on my dogs. Had a dog go into seizures from flea medication. Get a flea comb from the pet store. Comb the dog, then immediately dip the comb in a container with warm water and only a BIT of dish soap. This will kill the fleas that are on the comb. Wipe the comb off with paper towel before combing the dog again. Keep this up for a good combing. You will get hundreds of fleas. Vacuum your floors every day. This also helps. I don’t think it is fleas you are seeing though behind the doors and in cracks. Fleas don’t get that big. Do you see fleas on the dog?

  10. littleli

    Fleas can be hard to get rid of. The have a cycle where the flea population is typically made up of 50% eggs,
    30% larvae, 15% pupae and only 5% adults. So you only see a small percentage of what is actually in your house. They typically hatch every 14 days. So you will continue to see fleas, most can ever live through the winter. They can live any where even hardwood floors and can live there for a year of more before hatching. Cleaning is the best way to get rid of them but it takes alot of work. Start by giving your dog a dose of Frontline, which you can get from your vet. Its important to use a well known product as some don’t work or if used wrong can have awful side effects. Use the Frontline once a month year round depending where you live. Vacuum your house completely and make sure to throw the bag away as soon as you are finished. Wash any thing the dog lays on or comes in close contact with also. Then spray the house with a bomb most vet clinics sell them or can tell you what kind to use. Its alot of work but once you break the cycle and use Frontline to prevent them you shouldn’t have any more problems.

  11. Susan

    I can’t believe how many people advocate Frontline and such here. I know of at least four instances where dogs had seizures after their owners used spot ons on them. I agree with Misty Shadows. I’m combing loads out and will get his fur cut (not shaved) and comb them out again. I’m vacuuming, using herbs, etc. etc.

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