About 2 1/2 weeks ago I treated my cat with a frontline-type product, bombed my bedroom, washed all the bedding and bed clothes, vacuumed, and sprayed some anti-flea spray. Now, they’re back. What should I do? Can fleas live in mattress?


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    Use real frontline. After washing everything, store it in a warm airing cupboard for 2 days. Get a flea product for your soft furnishings that interrupts the breeding cycle, they usually say that they will keep the fleas away for six months. Spray everything.
    The other thing to address is the cats immune system. If fleas are recurring it could be partly because the cats own immune system is weak.
    Get a high quality cat food from a pet shop, look at the list of ingredients and select one that has meat as the first ingredient. You could also add a probiotic to the cats food and perhaps a vitamin supplement if you think he/she needs it.
    Edit – Meant to say put a flea collar in your hoover bag before you hoover.

  2. becca989

    you have to retreat after like a week or so to rekill any of the unhatched eggs your first treatment missed.

  3. Geaux LSU Tigers!!!

    Use real Frontline, wash everything in hot water, keep a flea comb handy, and you should be fine.

  4. bpsgirl1

    We moved into a house once that had a really bad flea problem. So bad that when we were just looking at it, we came out with our legs covered! Here’s what I finally did to get rid of them in the house. Rewash bedding and sheets, etc. Use the real frontline on your cat, and use it once a month, regularly! Then, go to the store and buy Rid-A-Bug Tick and Flea killer. Maybe 2 bottles depending on how big the area is. Spray it across your rugs by sweeping it lightly across the entire rug. You might want to keep the cat out of that room for a day). Wait a day, vacuum. If needed repeat a week or so later. The stuff’s a little expensive but you won’t have any more flea problem, and it won’t cost as much as an exterminator. Good Luck!

  5. Angus Beefheart.

    Sevin dust. You put it on the cat and sprinkle it everywhere that fleas may be present. It`s inexpensive and very effective. It is not harmful to the cat.

  6. lotsofsm

    Get real frontline, hoover everyday, wash beds and bedding regularly. Get a proper household flea spray from the vets that works if you didn’t do this previously. I have seven cats and don’t see fleas anywhere in my house.

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