My Dachshund puppy has really bad fleas how do I get rid of them. I’ve tried flea baths, flea medication, and Brewers yeast. But nothing seams to work! Please help me!



  1. Bama

    The easy way!
    Get Iver-On!
    Many no-kill shelters use it.
    It’s Ivermectin liquid wormer for cattle.
    Use 1 1/2 cc per 14 pounds of dog.
    It is the same thing as Reolution (Rev is very expensive, this is cheap) that is used like Frontline and Advantage (put on between the shoulder blades and in a straight line down the back to the tail). I learned this from the powner of a no-kill shelter.
    It gets rid of fleas and ticks keeps mesquitos away, therefore used as a heartworm prevention, when used once every 2 weeks.
    It dries in minutes, so there is no oily substance or anything to get on you.
    Did I mention CHEAP? $20 a bottle at Tractor Supply and farm stores. A bottle last forever!!!! Close to a year on a small dog.
    It is actually Ivermectin liquid wormer for cattle but as I said, shelters use it for dogs because it’s the same thing as the expensive stuff and a LOT cheaper
    It also helps with allergies and Sarcoptic Mange (something that is hard to detect and often mistaken for allergies)
    I use it on 3 med size dogs and my bottle has lasted 6 months (NO FLEAS on mine …ever!)
    Good luck.

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    Fleas can transmit disease and cause tapeworm, so getting rid of fleas on your pet is a must for a healthy animal and a healthy home.
    Difficulty: Moderately Easy
    1Step OneThe best way to get rid of fleas is by prevention; fleas thrive in heat and humidity (and are most active in summer and fall), so assess your pet and his environment frequently.
    2Step TwoHelp prevent fleas indoors by vacuuming your home thoroughly and frequently, paying close attention to corners, cracks, crevices and basements. Dispose of vacuum cleaner bags conscientiously, as adult fleas can escape. Also, choose your pet’s friends wisely; avoid animals you suspect may carry fleas. Dog parks are fun, but a move-able feast for fleas!
    3Step ThreeRemove any fleas from your pet using a fine-toothed pet comb designed for flea removal, and drop the fleas into soapy water to drown them.
    4Step FourWash pet bedding in hot, soapy water weekly; this is the most likely site for flea eggs and larvae.
    5Step FivePrune foliage and keep grass trimmed short to increase sunlight, as flea larvae cannot survive in hot, dry areas. Remove any piles of yard debris close to your home.
    6Step SixBathe pets weekly, if possible, to get rid of fleas. If bathing is not an option, speak to your veterinarian about appropriate alternatives.
    7Step SevenWatch your pet for signs of flea trouble: excessive scratching and biting, especially around the tail and lower back, and possibly raw patches where the animal has been biting and scratching himself. Also watch for ‘flea debris’ (black, granular dried blood) and fleas themselves on your pet’s skin.
    8Step EightTalk to your veterinarian about various treatments for your flea-plagued pet: a flea adulticide applied monthly to the skin; a monthly pill that prevents fleas from reproducing but doesn’t kill adult fleas; and multipurpose products that prevent flea reproduction and control heartworms, hookworms, whipworms and roundworms. Also consider flea collars and flea powders.
    9Step NineLook into chemical flea-treatment products to apply by hand around the environment in spray or powder form. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on the best product and how to use it.

  3. Psycho Sid Vicious Fan®

    Head lice shampoo always works on the fleas that are hard to kill. Lice are stronger than fleas, so whatever kills lice kills fleas like nothing. I’m 100% sure that head lice shampoo will kill your dog’s fleas.

  4. tiger_cu

    I think that it depends on what you like, what will work, and what you can afford.
    Advantage: It for adult fleas
    Frontline: Adult fleas and larvea and is waterproof, also for hooks and roundworms
    Revolution: A bit more expensive but is used as a dewormer, heartworm preventative, and for fleas. You HAVE to make sure you part the hair and it makes direct skin contact.
    advantix: the same as frontline
    Advantage multi: the same as revolution
    Capstar: will kill the adult fleas within 24 hours and then you have to give one of the monthly treatments listed above.

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