My dogs bed is too big to fit in the washer. Are there any special sprays that kill fleas on fabric?



  1. AJ W

    There is a product called Diatect Flea & Tick killer that works wonders. It costs like $25 for a 1lb bottle of powder, and you just sprinkle it in the dog’s bed and rub it in to your dog’s fur. It kills any flea it touches, but is safe to humans and pets. Follow the directions on the website, but i think you reapply like every week, and it makes sure all the fleas and their eggs die too when they hatch. I’ve used the product and it works. (the other products like frontline scare me because they go into your dog’s bloodstream to wait for fleas to bite, this one doesn’t enter anyone’s blood)

  2. Smoky'da

    Chances are if the dog bed has fleas, so does the DOG and so does the rest of the house YOu should get som pet safe flea spray and consider “bombing the whole house” justto be sure, Once you have given the dog a flea bath with medicated anti flea soap or the easier option would be to get the fleas they’re own beds… lol

  3. ♥Lacie♥

    If you use something like Frontline Plus on your dog for flea treatment…it will kill all of the fleas in your house (at least any that come in contact with the dog). Your best bet is to get a bed with a removable and washable cover. They sell them at Costco for $20 (for large breed dogs…which I’m assuming you have if the bed is too big for the washer). I don’t know what else to suggest…how do you clean it regularly? I have to wash the covers on my dog’s bed’s like once a week to keep them clean…do you take it to the cleaners?

  4. Amber-Le

    best way to make sure that there are no flea eggs or fleas left over on your dogs bed, so he/she doesnt get them again, is to just throw it out.
    Spare the 20 bucks it costs to get a bed from target so that he/she doesnt have to go through having fleas.

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