When I first got my dog it didn’t have fleas but I took her to my moms house and my sisters cat had fleas and I didn’t know so then my dog got fleas and now my house has fleas how do I get rid of them.


  1. The Vet Tech

    comfortis is a flea pill you get at the vet starts working with in 30 mins works for a month. its what i use. as far as your house get borax from the hardware store put it on your carpet wait a day or so and vaccum it up. cheaper than buying hazardous flea bombs etc.

  2. pureamer

    Use Frontline plus. you can get it at your vets office. It will control fleas ticks and chewing lice for up to a month. As for your home, vacuuming alone will get rid of many of the eggs, larva, and pupa that are hidden in your carpet. Vacuuming also encourages pre-adult fleas to leave their cocoons, making them vulnerable to insecticides. Vacuuming also stirs up the pile of the carpet, allowing insecticides to penetrate more deeply. After you’ve thoroughly vacuumed all effected areas, seal the vacuum cleaner bag, and dispose of it outside. There are many effective treatments but due to their danger borax is the best bet. sprinkle it on your carpet and vacuum it up. You can find this in your local store in the laundry detergent isle. Good luck!!

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