1. 2bzy

    Put some frontline or advantix on him and wait a couple days before you bathe him. The fleas will die, which will help that sore heal up. Then bathe him with his collar and leash on. Wrap the leash around the faucet to hold him still (or buy a bathing tether at Petsmart). Don’t fill the tub up with water, just pour water over him until he’s wet enough (a hand-held shower head is great for this, or you can go to Petsmart and get one for bathing dogs). Mix the dog shampoo with water so it will get into the coat quicker.

  2. BumbleBe

    wow i feel bad for your dog ha. well what i would do is instead of putting in the tub full of water just give him a bath with the hose that way you can avoid his tail and still get the fleas. No matter where you take ur dog to get groomed he is going to be in water so its better just to do it yourself at home were he is comfortable

  3. zinger

    WEll who is boss? PUT collar and leash on dog, put on your swimsuit (on you not dog) go outside (or if tub has showehead that is handheld use that). and give the dog a good wet down, put a little shampoo in cup of water and spread it around and rinse rinse rinse.
    Give him a treat and tell him good dog.

  4. danielle d

    sounds like he is in need of a good flea bath and soon! he probably got the sore form itching so much from fleas. if you dont want to give him the bath yourself, take him to a groomer. they know how to deal with dog that doesnt like baths and how not to make his sore worse or irritate it.

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