she knows her command as well as tricks.
She needs a vest so I can train her myself in some public places.
She needs to get use to crowds of people and things that goes on arround her. If you have any questions or comments email me.
“please” no stuped advise andansweres. I have epilepsy and thats why I want to get my 1 year old flat coated retrieaver as my dog.
She is smart as it is already but there are things in public places that she has to be aware of andso on. She has got to get a canine good citizine award. Somebody out there has bound to have a seizear aleart dog that would understand my queastion and all this.


  1. W.

    Contact a local therapy dog organization. I’m sure they can direct you to a supplier.You may also get useful info from your local humane organization. Good luck

  2. elliemae

    To be a certified service dog and get the vest that goes along with it. She must be trained and pass, at least the Canine Good Citizen test, given by trained evaluators. She may also have to go through other training for service dogs but to be a service dog she will need more than companion training. Tests are given by AKC evaluators, the dog can be mutt or purebred doesn’t matter. Call local vets, training centers, AKC breed clubs to find local sources of dog training. In Columbus, Ohio area see

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