I’m doing an informative speech about dog training…
All I need is an attention grabber (First thing in the speech)
and an Impact Statement (last thing in a speech)
Any Ideas?
10 Points for most creative =)


  1. Jack Two

    First thing in the speech:
    You ask everyone to stand up because you realize the chairs are uncomfortable and you want to get everyone moving for a minute before you get started. Once they are standing you ask them just to find their own little space and stretch their arms out to either side. You then ask them to bring both of their hands together slowly and then put their arms back out to the side. You then ask them to speed this up and get them to go quicker and quicker. You will by now be receiving a standing ovation at the beginning of your speech. Tell them thank you for making you feel so welcome and ask them o sit back down and get on with your speech.
    End of speech:
    Summarize you speech in an action and benifit. Keep it simple and to the point:
    eg. So look after your dog (action) and he will be your best friend (benifit).
    This will hopefully be a punchy statement that sticks in the heads of your listeners long after the talk.
    And yes I have used both of these before.

  2. Null Infinity

    hmm, let’s see.
    Dress hot.
    Have the people gather around you close, and use a bullhorn.
    Carry a supersoaker to squirt those that get distracted.
    Dress hot.

  3. Dawn Hanna

    Although I love “null’s” suggestions above, starting with a slide show of cute, fun, crazy dog pics always stirs up the crowd.

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