I found a jar llid and I was washing it and it made a clicking sound, and it clicks loudly, so I’d like to teach my dog click and treat – where do I start?


  1. Rachel R

    Once the dog associates the click with a reward, you can use it to tell him he’s doing something right. I think people use clickers because it takes less energy than saying “good, good,” continually.
    Suppose you want your dog to go grab a toy. You click the lid whenever he moves toward the toy, stop clicking when he goes in the wrong direction. Maybe help him along if he gets lost. When he gets near the toy, keep clicking, and see if you can get him to pick it up or do it on his own.
    The clicker can become a game for your dog, like “getting warmer/getting colder,” where he tries to figure out what you’re asking him to do.

  2. sred

    click EVERY time you go to give the dog a treat and after a few days to a week, try clicking the “lid” without the dog knowing you’re going after treats, they’ll associate the clicking with treats.

  3. Baa_Baa_

    lol i think a small clicker might be more…errr better but anyways….
    go to your dog. Might be scared for a bit. Hold out a treat and click…then give it to him. Eventually (s)he will figure that you will give a treat (i use toys…training is playtime) if you click…and you only click when (s)he does what (s)he’s supposed to do.

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