I have recently bought a new microfiber couch. Then one day, I placed a jacket that I have left in my trunk for months on the couch, and ever since I’ve been getting bites! These bites are smaller than mosquito bites and extremely itchy. I get them mainly on my forearm, torso and legs. I don’t know if they are fleas or mites… What is the best way to get rid of fleas or mites and safe for my microfiber couch? Someone please help~


  1. CowboysF

    Place a dog’s flea-collar in the bottom of your vacuum’s bag, then vacuum the couch and all your carpets and rugs every day for a couple of days, then at least once a week once you have the problem under control.

  2. AJ

    you could try a mixture of lemon juice and water or vinegar and water and spray it on the couch. it natural, safe and the fleas dont like it. 🙂 i completely rid my house and cat of fleas using stuff from around the house. it does work! we were infested and nothing made to kill fleas worked.

  3. Steve

    return it mate.. wat if dey wer der even before u got the cough eh? wat if some hobo sat on it one day while twas displayed at d store.. — crazy idea huh? lol..

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