I used Advantage on him last Sunday, and he still scratches as of this morning. I cant really tell if it’s as much as he used to. I cant see the fleas, but then again, I only saw 4 when I blow dried him last week. (Meaning I really never could see the fleas too much int he first place. He never had flea dirt on him or anything)


  1. Bozema

    Chances are he may still be itchy from the flea bites or an allergic reaction to them even if the fleas are gone.

  2. l3tsg0wa

    To completely remove fleas , bathe dog wash puppy in a solution of tea tree oil weak soloution not too potent, then treat with front line or similar from vets.I know there are what seems to be cheaper treatments out there but they do not last as long and do not really solve the problem .I would also treat house from top to bottom , fleas have a nasty habit of taking over a home environment if you don’t .You can buy sprays that treat the home and stop fleas from hatching for up to 12 months they are very effective , anyone who has pets should treat there home with these.If you can’t see them they may still be there as you can not spot flea lava .Advice given should solve problem

  3. Tate

    I use advantage on my dogs every month and they still scratch a little. I know that my vet told me that the weather will cause them to have dry skin. He told me there are several shampoos that are available at Wal-Mart and other stores to help with this. And the fleas you on him when you bathed are probably some new fleas that have not died yet. But I can say that Advantage is a great treatment for both of my dogs.

  4. Chalice

    If you can’t find any fleas on him or, more importantly flea dirt, it’s unlikely he still has them. So long as you got the Advantage on his skin, not his fur, it will have worked. You probably need to treat your house as well, as this is where most of the fleas are living – if you don’t spray you’re likely to still get fleas.
    There may be other reasons why he’s scratching. Dogs and cats normally scratch a little bit sometimes, but if you’re seeing it everyday, there’s likely to be a problem. Definitely go to a vet if he starts to get red skin, or bald patches, anything like that.

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