1. hb kitten

    actually, the best way to tell is by taking your cat over somewhere the bathroom sink, and combing or shaking out their fur. if they have fleas dried blood (actually the flea poop) will come out in little tiny flakes. it is very dark, but once it hits a wet sink, it will turn in to watery little blood spots. then you will know for sure. just itching and scratching alone don’t mean they have fleas. they could have a skin condition. and i would also suggest advantage flea medicine. put it on the back of the neck once a month and no fleas. kitty will be happy! and your home will be flea free!

  2. ioerr

    You can go through its fur and find them pretty quick. Blow on the fur to seperate it a bit here and there.
    You may see flea droppings, on the cat or on the furniture, particularly bed sheets, or on you. They are small reddish brown bits of defecated, digested blood.
    You might occaisionally spot a flea perched on your cats nose or elsewhere. They go to the nose and the eyes to get a drink once in a while, I’m told.
    You’ll also be getting bites, generally around your ankles. The fleas won’t actually live on you, thankfully.
    Spread out a white bedsheet, set your cat in the middle of it, and brush him out so that anything in his fur ends up on the sheet. This won’t get rid of fleas but you might spot one or two pretty quick that way.

  3. Rosestar

    You know if a cat has fleas by taking its hair and parting it to see the skin. If black specks are present, fleas are there. Flea bites are small red dots that usually bunch together because there is more than one that has bitten there.

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    If your cats fur is too thick to see anything, check her gums. If she/he is healthy they will be nice and pink. If the fleas are sucking the blood out of her/him , the gums will be almost white. Be careful with flea collars, sprays, powders and dips. A lot of breeds are so sensitive, it will kill them.

  5. Niktei

    You can tell if your cat has fleas if you see your cat scratch all the time. Flea bites look similar to bites from common bugs( misquitos, chiggers, etc.). The best way to find the bites is on the very end of the back and sometimes on the neck. Those are the most common spots where you can find them. Sometimes fleas like to cling to your funiture, your clothes, the floor, your bed, so if you start itching randomly check for fleas and then get a spray for your pets and your home!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. The Unshushable

    If your cat has it’s own private bed or sleeping area you will notice scabs that they have scratched off. Cats will scratch until they bleed. If you have carpet in your home you will most likely get bit also. Fleas reproduce very fast, nip it in the bud as soon as possible before you end up with an infestation.

  7. Laurie

    Flea bites are little red bumps. There is usually more than one bite in the area. If your cat is scratching a lot, that is a good sign. Spread the hair on her chest, neck and stomach. If she has fleas your will see them. Look at the areas where she sleeps, If you see many tiny black dots, that’s flea potty. To be on the safe side go to the Vet and buy Advantage and your flea problems will be over.DO NOT buy over the counter flea products because they can cause deadly reactions in pets.

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