I just got a kitten 2 days ago and it has been itching as if it does have them. I have looked for them but i didnt see any. Is it just itchy every once in a while or does it have fleas?


  1. Jade

    karrisah – just a small error in your facts. The black flecks you find associated with fleas in an animals coat are not their eggs, but rather the flea’s faeces. Flea eggs generally don’t stick to the coat, but fall from the coat into the surrounding environment. The faeces is made up of the blood of the animal the flea has been living off.
    As for the original question, I would get started on a flea treatment. Go to your local vet and get her a full health check. They can also make sure you are informed on your kittens worming and vaccination schedules.

  2. karrisah

    well if dont c any then probably not. if u cee little black specks then those are flea eggs. it might just be itchy. take it to the vet to be sure

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    It could be either one: Fleas can hide, especially in that fine kitten fur. Or it could be that your kitten has some other skin problems- in which case, you’ll need a vet to take a look.
    If he hasn’t been in for a check-up, you may want to schedule him for one.
    Good luck!

  4. Estrella

    Check real good with a flea comb. If you don’t see any in a couple of days than she probably has a skin condition, depending on how much your kitty itches…it would be a good idea to take her to the vet. =^.^=

  5. Give Aways

    Try examining her for patches of hair gone and check for shedding.To prevent fleas make sure you have a flea collar and make sure you wash your kitten.

  6. Julie D

    Sometimes they are crawling with them but sometimes they are really hard to find. You really want to know so you can break the cycle of fleas laying eggs in the rug and jumping on the cat just long enough to get a meal. Dead fleas don’t lay eggs.
    Besides, fleas carry tapeworm.
    Get a flea comb. Comb the kitty with it and look for moving fleas. Don’t see any? Look for dirt. Put a piece of white paper towel down and moisten it with water. Flick the dirt on the wet paper. If it turns red, it’s flea poop, the undigested blood from the kitten.
    Assuming the kitten is old enough to be away from its mom, Advantage would be the safest thing to put on her. Don’t use a flea collar.Some places you can only get advantage from the vet. She needs to see one anyway to start vaccines and dewormings if that hasn’t been done where you got her from.+

  7. daisy

    it will be either biting or scatching a lot if it is get some stuff called frontline i find it very good give it a try good luck

  8. paintedr

    Well, if your kitten isn’t already on a monthly regiment of Advantage/Frontline, start (better safe than sorry).
    Also, new kitten means ”vet visit” anyways, to deem your new feline friend healthy (mention the scratching, the the vet will look for signs of allergies, fleas, etc.)

  9. k.t.

    You can often tell if the kitten scratches itself a lot, especially around the collar area. The kitten might also spend a lot of time biting around its stomach area, another common area for fleas to congregate.
    You can see them if you look around the eyes, ears and mouth area – they are little (usually black) bugs which will run around.
    It’s important to get rid of fleas. Frontline plus worked for me, but there are other medications on the market. Depending on your kittens age, it might be a little too young to handle some medications so I would recommend taking her/him to the vet asap. The vet can determine whether it has fleas and can prescribe some medication to get rid of them. Your kitten should also have a vet check anyway to ensure it’s healthy.
    Don’t forget if it does have fleas, it’s important to clean its bedding/sleeping area because fleas can live in the material and then jump back onto a now-clean kitten and infect it all over again! To test if there are fleas in bedding, leave a light over a bowl of water right next to the bedding. The fleas will jump towards the light and land in the water and drown.
    Good luck!

  10. Chalice

    If you’re not treating him for fleas and he’s scratching, very likely he has fleas. Look near his skin for small black specks – flea dirt (poo). Run a flea comb through his if you have one and look for flea dirt on the fur on the comb.
    Get a flea treatment from a vets. Don’t use anything from a pet store because these treatments don’t work.

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