1. Chalice

    Sounds exactly like fleas.
    As people have said, groom the dog over some wet paper and look for black specks (flea dirts) falling on the paper and dissolving into a red stain. Also check the hair in the comb – any black specks/flakes there?
    Any flea preparation from a vet is the best to use, particularly Frontline. As your dog has fleas, they will be in the environment too as the eggs will have dropped off and hatched in the carpet. If you use regular Frontline religiously the fleas will eventually go, but it will take a long time as they have to bite the animal to die and new ones will be hatching all the time. It would be quicker to get a house spray (again, from the vets). After you’ve rid the house and the animal from fleas, use of Frontline Plus drops will keep both flea-free.
    Yes GSDs can be prone to skin problems, but I think this case is fleas.
    Don’t be tempted to waste money on cheaper products from shops like shampoos and collars – you’ll end up spending more money trying to find one that works!

  2. JeN

    Put your dog on a light colored counter or piece of paper, and ruffle up the fur. If you see tiny curly dark things on the counter or paper that will dissolve in water your dog has fleas.
    Use a monthly preventative, Frontline Plus is what our hospital recommends. It will keep your dog and your house free of fleas, flea allergies, and related infections like tapeworms. Once you start the preventative, within 24 hours any flea that touches your dog will die. Do not skimp, and don’t stop the treatment in the winter, flea eggs will collect and hatch in your carpet and upholstery.

  3. sophylak

    rash under the armpit is most likely because you did not rinse him well enough after bathing him… always remember to rinse rinse and rinse somemore,, as for fleas, you can see them.. check the area on his back by his tail and also in his groin area.. look for little black specks of flea dirt.. FRONTLINE plus is a good flea preventative

  4. Marvelgi

    Bomb house and yard while pup is at the gromers getting diped. Use frontline or advantix. get some ceader to lay around the yard where youire pup likes to lie. Do all of this as close to the same time as you can. This should keep them away. Oh and youre pup has fleas.
    Scratching Fleas
    Dragging but Glands
    Shaking head ears infected
    Warm ears pup could be sick
    Wet nose or dry may mean nothing
    Wagging tail happy
    Just so you know in the future

  5. finnis39

    German Shepard’s are prone to skin allergies i know i had one and he had a skin allergy it started just as you have explained so take him to the vets my dog was treated with stronghold and it worked but when it was really bad he had steroids to help i suggest you get him insured before you take him though because afterward the insurance company will exclude this problem from future claims

  6. DP

    Were there any dead fleas in the water / tub after you bathed your dog?
    I would think it’s more likely either the shampoo you used for the bath last week, or you didn’t rinse him well enough after soaping him up. Also possible because he is a shepherd with a thick coat, that you left him damp after his bath..

  7. xxoxlive

    yes he does most likely have fleas. Flea bites are little red bumps found on your dog. They will scratch them alot. One of the favorite places for fleas is on the stomach of your puppy. So i would check there. If there are red little bumps there most likely its fleas.

  8. VET

    Hy just look , behind the ears/neck or the dogs chin or in the the nipples area ,look the areas mentioned extremely carefully.
    If you find them u must go to the vet ,if he is schracthing a lot and you dont i can be another problem like a rash or a parasite.
    There are solutions that you can put on your dog once every month ( frontline ) not recomended for young dogs.
    From your description the rash can be another “guest” do not hesitate to go to the vet.

  9. WP Robot Wordpress Plugin

    My ex and I shared custody of a gsd. I got to run with him every day and groom him. you relay need to make sure that all the soap is out. They have such a thick under coat. I would treat the yard for fleas and the home but when the pup is gone.

  10. kimberly

    the way you can tell if there are fleas to see, if you see small dark things jumping or put him on a cloth and see if they fall out another way is to brush him and you’ll see them moving around. he might just have an allergic reaction.
    my best advice, take him to the vet he could have ticks.

  11. eternala

    Yeah, he definitely has fleas. Talk to your veterinarian about the different types of flea & tick medication. Advantage is what a lot of people use. You can get it from your vet, it’s just a clear paste that you put in the dog’s fur about once a month.

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