I travel with my baby to work each day & I’ve just returned with my dog from the vet who claims he has a bad flea infestation since being groomed 2 weeks ago. I am now concerned the fleas will be in my car, in my baby’s car seat etc. How can I safely (with no toxicity) remove the fleas from my car including the upholstery & my baby’s car seat?


  1. rcullen1

    start by going to a local pet store and find a flea treatment that is non-toxic, sprinkle or spray it in your on a saturday morning with the windows rolled up so the fleas will die, then in the afternoon vacuum it thoroughly including in the crevasses as much as you can. Take the baby seat and take the cloth out and wash it in hot water, check it over well before putting it back on the seat and check the rest of the seat well too.
    All you can do it the best you can and keep an open eye for any little critters.
    And treat your dog for fleas and don’t let it back in the car until the fleas are gone.

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