Our neighborhood has a lot of feral cats that like to roam and sprawl themselves in our backyard. They spread their fleas on our lawn. We have a 7 week old pit bull puppy that is being trained to use the lawn to relieve himself. The training has been working, but unfortunately, the fleas come back inside with him. I am going to begin using Revolution on him but what can I do about our lawn? I heard baking soda works.


  1. Molly M

    Actually, Imidiclopred is systemic!
    That means it gets into a plant or animal and goes through the system and continues to work.
    Go to your Vet. and request a flea/tick product that contains Imidiclopred.
    It will not only protect your animal, but it will sort of rub off on his bedding and any where he lay in the house and help to control flea and ticks.
    Also for in the house and outside.
    Please go to a garden center and buy Diatomacous Earth.
    Not the swimming pool kind the garden center kind.
    It can be spread like Talcum Powder around the home and yard.
    I cuts the larval stages of fleas, ants,slugs,and lots of other creepy crawlers to bits.
    No harm to humans, it is also found in Talcum Powder!
    You will also be helping the Feral cats that lay and role in it to kill their parasites.

  2. houseofp

    I have normally used the power of stem and vacum indoors.The heat of the steam just blasted them and outside all paved areas was bleech and do not forget to clean all external drains

  3. tracy

    OK, THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE FROM AN ANSWER I GAVE TO A PERSON WITH THE SAME PROBLEM. its going to sound unpersonalized, sorry about that, but its a lot of great info, that will take to long to type. OH AND IT WON BEST ANSWER WITH THAT PERSON… HINT HINT.. LOL.
    ps. dont use baking soda… it wont work..
    ok, i have over 10 yrs pest control experience.. first and formost.. NO PESTICIDE will harm your plant.. pesticide is not systemic.. only herbicide, and that wont kill fleas..
    ok.. this is going to be long.. first you not only need to treat the tree but, the yard and the house and the pets.
    chemical will not penetrate the eggs it only forces them to hatch open and by the time that happens most of the chemical is gone. so anytime you treat fleas. YOU MUST do a second, same forcful treatment as the first. this guarantees to break the cycle.
    I recommend a profesional does the job, but if you decide to.. you need to buy a 1 gallon sprayer.. actually i think they come in 2 gallons, but either way you need that. then you need a Permetherin along with and IGR.. (insect growth regulator) basically this is birth control for fleas so they can not lay anymore eggs. **i recommend you find a pesticide supply store.. you may not be able to find the IGR at home depot. (the best IGR is a name brand product called Precor)
    you mix the permetherin then add the ounce of IGR to it.
    now best thing is to cut the lawn and vacuum the house.. but after you vacuum, burn the bag cause they will get out of the bag (or bagless especially bagless) now spray the inside with the hand held sprayer..
    for the yard, the cheapest thing to do, unless you have a pressure washer.. is to buy 3 or 4 of the concentrated ‘hose-end’ sprayers, hook it to the hose and soak the yard. DO THIS again in ONE week. and again a week later.
    get Adams Flea spray for cats.. for the cats. try and do this first before you treat or have treated. mainly because once you start spraying those adult fleas will jump on the animals to escape death basically and will make the cat miserable.
    most importantly, when spraying the house.. only treat the carpet areas and treat THE WHOLE carpet, not just the edge.. get as much off the carpet as possible.. pull couches and furniture adjacent from walls to get underneath and behind.
    now when treating inside, the pets need to be locked in the bathroom or out of the house. everyone needs to wear shoes or socks till the carpet is dry, the pets need to stay off for at least and hour and a half.
    finally, after all treatment is done, wait 2 weeks and test (this is 2 weeks AFTER your 2 week treatment.) the carpet.. take white socks put them on your hands and rub the carpet. fleas are attracted to white light objects and if there is still a problem you will see the fleas jump on the socks.
    good luck!

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