Our dog got fleas and we have used frontline plus and prior given him about 5 flea baths nothing worked he still has them. We have been leaving him outdoors trying to rid the problem from him but somehow they came in the house on us. We have bombed the house 2x a week apart used sprays and powders and still no luck. We have a 1 year old child and so we have to take care of the problems ASAP. We have to keep her out when we have done any of this stuff and there is no way that I can keep her off the floor for 3 days try the Borax remedy. We are sick of getting biten and are at our WITS END. HELP PLEASE!?



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    i had this problem not too long ago…we did the expensive flea meds..and it would not take care of it. we went to walmart and bought this stuff that you can put in your yard…made by ortho i believe, the fleas can live in your uard and grass, so not a great idea to leave the dog outside we found that out…so after we put that down on the yard we heard to wash the gog in vinegar and water not a pleasent smell but you will see the fleas die off as you rince the dog, also DAWN green apple dish soap ironically works really good too, the pet store told us to use that, it smells much better than the vinegar..lol….both work really well….we are flea free now!!!! and we had a mess of them….good luck!

  2. fred f

    In Lawn and Garden supplies, a product called Seven (sp) dust, for plants etc. do this all the same day if possible. Using a flour sifter sprinkle the dogs, rub it in and let it set in 10-15 min then wash them. Sprinkle their bedding, and carpets furniture then vacuum (we let it set overnight) treat the lawn etc.
    Here is the secret No treatment will kill the eggs. That is why they keep coming back. RETREAT everything in two weeks. You must kill the newborns before they lay new eggs.
    Good Luck

  3. Katetrin

    You are not going to like this answer but here goes: You are in need of a professional exterminator with a guarantee in writing that they can rid you of the fleas. They will have to spray more than one time. They will give you the directions on what to remove or get rid of in your house.
    Your dog needs to go to the Vet for a flea dip, probably more than one, by the way you explain the situation. Leaving the dog outside is not going to help now, you might as well allow him/her back in.
    You need to discuss the plan of action with the exterminator and your Vet as to which is done first, etc.
    I put flea/tick Frontline on my dog every single month of the year. On the same day every month he gets his flea med on his neck and his heartworm pill. That is preventive medicine. It is also cheaper than what you are going to do now to remedy your situation.

  4. glockgal

    First off, KEEP USING THE FRONTLINE monthly on your dog. Ease off the baths, and bring her back inside.
    Secondly, sprinkle “20 Mule Team Borax” in your carpet (find it in the laundry aisle) sweep it in with a broom. Wait ONE DAY, vaccuum and THROW OUT YUOUR VACCUUM BAGS. Nothing can kill a flea egg, so get rid of the bags and out go the eggs, too.
    Borax is EXTREMELY safe to use around your child and your dog. Sweep the borax in really well. Try doing one room at a time, believe me those bombs are far more toxic than getting borax on your knees. You dont have to use a ton of it either, just use it like Carpet Fresh, and sweep it in.
    Be patient, and use the Frontline on your dog.

  5. caly925

    salt and lime
    salt on the floors and carpet it dehrdrates them
    lime in the yard and underneath your house
    and bomb your house

  6. snowman9

    try a product called siphotrol from vet kam. ask your local vet if he carries it or go to http://www.vetkam.com to locate a vet near you who carries it. it is a premise spray and kills them in your carpet and furniture. give the website a try and see if it may help.

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    we live in an area where like deer come into my yard
    and we have like 2 dogs and we cant get rid of theese fleas!
    we tried baths and medicin and they dont do anything!
    my whole family is bit up and my mom is allergic and right now my ankle itches like crazy!!!!
    sorry i have no help

  8. kalisele

    shallow pan (like a pie pan) — fill with soapy water to the brim (we used Dawn).
    Put in area that you are getting a lot of bites.
    Put a lamp that curves over the pan (and adjustable arm light — I used a craft light).
    fleas jump into the pan and immediately sink. If they don’t sink there isn’t enough soap.
    There doesn’t have to be bubbles in the water for this to work (when you start — it will be bubbly, but it’s ok when the bubbles disappear).
    We caught LOTS of adults this way. It breaks the egg-laying cycle, and you can do it at night when everyone is asleep (and baby isn’t crawling around. Gets rid of the biters!
    Eggs do lie dormant, so you may have to do it a few times — and it may take more than a couple of days to get rid of the first round.

  9. don_stee

    Flea’s have 4 stages egg , larva ,pupa ,adult.They can only be killed in the larva and adult stage.In order to kill them you would be wise to call a professional.Orkin and major companies charge major prices and use the same chemicals as the independent guy so call around and get prices.You will have to be treated 2 to 3 times 10 to 14 days apart.This allows them to complete their cycle.Also empty vacuum after vacuuming .

  10. Cammi

    I suggest spaying the yards as well as bombing the house again. You have to rid the yard of the fleas as well. at the same time you have sprayed the yard and bombed the house, take the dog to a pet shop to have a flea dip and pay any extra money to make sure they are gone if necessary.

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