i am interested in entering my whippet in an agility competition, but i don’t know how to start him off for training, we don’t have those jumps but we just use mops or brooms or skinny logs, and can we use leads to guid them around and what types of jumps and stuff will be in it.


  1. Trisha S

    Before starting agility training, schedule a check-up with your vet to make sure your dog is physically able to participate. Breeds prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, or vision problems should be carefully evaluated.
    Your dog’s mental health should be considered as well; while agility training usually builds confidence, you want to make sure a shy or nervous dog is up to the task of performing.
    You can find agility classes of all levels in cities across the country, as well as private trainers who will work one-on-one with your dog. Search for a class that uses positive reinforcement to train and looks out for the safety of the dogs.
    Usually a pup must be at least a year old to participate in classes or competition, but requirements vary. It’s important to remember that your puppy’s bones and joints are still forming and growing–sometimes up to 18 months of age–and high-impact sports during this period can cause problems down the road.

  2. shari_ki

    Basic obedience is the first place to start. You will need a good sit and down stay. The best bet is to find an agility class. It is very important to teach the obstacles in a safe way. If you have not done it before, you can injure your dog. When you do start to compete, you can not use a leash, no treats, no toys. So a good recall is also important. There are a lot of good websites that you can get info on, for local clubs etc. Clean Run is a great magazine and website. The venues you can compete in include AKC, CPE (Canine Performance Events), NADAC (North American Dog Agility Club) and USDAA. There are others as well, but this should help you get started. Be careful, it is very addicting!

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    Great advice from the previous respondents. I would only add my personal advise to you (whippet/border collie mix owner) that agility can be very frustrating when you are starting out. Be patient with your dog and have fun. My dog is great at it but it is a challenge for me to work with such a bright and fast dog. I’ve only been doing agility with my dog for almost a year but we are having a great time with it so far. Have fun!

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