I keep getting flea bites all over me. I do alot of gardening and then I bring the fleas inside. How do I stop from getting bitten? I have bombed my house a few times already but they keep finding me and biteing me.


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    Well, you need to break the cycle. A flea can lay many eggs. You can’t get rid of the eggs. You can only kill the fleas. Eggs can hatch anytime especially when the weather is hot. Eggs will hatch between 7 to 10 days as a cycle. So, you need to bomb your house and garden once a week for a month. That should break the cycle. Remember to vacuum your house regularly and throw the vacuum bag out immediately. Repeat this process about once every three to four months.
    Prior to working in your garden, get a bug repellent spray and spray yourself and your clothing. That will prevent some. A menthol rub will also keep a lot of bugs away too. Before entering your home after gardening, spray yourself some bug repellent again; change and place your clothing into the washer.
    Also, start taking garlic pills and it will keep the fleas away. You will start to notice the change in about two weeks.

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    assuming you have no pets, you need to spray the yard as well as spray the house. and it needs to be done at the same time. but if you have pets, if fleas are biting you, it means your pets are overrun with fleas.

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