I keep finding fleas in my house and I want to get rid of them so bad. Please help me!


  1. xyz

    Vacuum, carpet shampoo and vacuum. Flea dip your pets and use lufenuron. Oh, and vacuum. Oh, did I mention carpet shampoo? Do this every day, all day for a few weeks. You have to hunt down and kill every single flea or they will breed quickly. It sucks, totally, but it’s really the only way. If you are going on vacation consider bombing your house.

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    Last summer my cat got out for four days and when she came back fleas were everywhere and I tried everything. I asked my dad for his advice since he owns rental property he is always having to spray for fleas and roaches that the tenants bring in. He gave me a spray called bug stop and a shampoo called enforcer flea and tick shampoo and within a couple of days all the fleas were gone. I think he got the spray at home depot.

  3. Lyxi

    You could try flea medicine, I haven’t really used it that much, or a flea collar I don’t think they are too, too much. And you might want 2 flea bomb your house, but I don’t know how it would affect your neighbors, if you have an apartment. I had such a problem with fleas some years ago it was horrible, I might be able 2 write a book on how bad it was! And if nothing works you might want 2 talk to your cat(s) vet.

  4. Zelda Hunter

    First shampoo your kitties and dogs with Dawn dishwashing liquid. It’s not toxic, but will kill the fleas. When they are dry you need to treat them for fleas with either Frontline or Advantage drops (monthly).
    THE BOMB: Take all pets and people out of the house and bomb it with a flea bomb (or several depending on the size of your home). Typically you have to vacate for 2-4 hours, then air the house for 1-2 more hours. Then clean all food prep surfaces. Follow the instructions. Don’t forget to put your food inside cabinets or the refrigerator and take fish out of the house. You will have to follow up in another 2 weeks if you have a permanent flea infestation.
    CARPET: Vacuum all carpets every day. Each day when you are done, take the vacuum bag out of the vacuum and put it into a ziplock bag, then zip it and place that bag into a second one. Throw it out. You can order Frontline spray over the Internet. If you take a tiny bit on a rag and massage it into the carpet lightly (use gloves!) It will help kill fleas as they hatch out. If you have a vacant room that has carpet, you can mix 1:1 Borax:salt and rub it into the carpet. Leave it on for a week, then vacuum thoroughly. Don’t forget to do the same for your carpeted cat tree or dog or cat bed.
    CATS and DOGS: You should comb your cats and dogs out every day while you still have an infestation. Get a special comb for that (it’s only about $1.) While you are combing set up a sticky lint roller next to you and if a flea comes out in the comb, stick it to the roller and decapitate it immediately. (Dispose in double zip lock bags.)
    This should eliminate your problem within a month if you have an infestation. It’s a lot of work, but you can’t fix the problem by using dangerous chemicals in your home.

  5. littlebi

    we had to leave home last year for two weeks so someone could come spray our house. but ever since i have used a flea comb on the cats. it works wonders i’ve never liked using spray collars or anything with pesticide and found a flea comb they are like two dollars. you have to do it everyday for the first week or so to get most off but after that maybe once a week. do it when they are napping and get a bowl of soapy water to knock the fleas into and they will drown immediately.

  6. Sunshine

    if you go to walmart or a store like that they sell things called bug bombs, we’ve used them numrous times at my house and they work pretty well, you just have to stay out of the house for like a day. 🙂

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